Tolerance or Weakness?

Shakti aur Kshama (Strength and Mercy)
Poet: Ramdhari Singh “Dinkar”

Kshama, daya, tap, tyaag, manobal
Sabka liya sahara
Par nar vyagh Suyodhan tumse
Kaho kahan kab haara?

Mercy, resolve, tact, tolerance
You’ve tried everything and some
But o my king of men
When did Suyodhan succumb?

Kshamasheel ho rrpu-saksham
Tum huye vineet jitna hi
Dusht Kauravon ne tumko
Kaayar samjha utna hi

The more forgiving you were
In your humane compassion
The more these rouge Kauravas
Pegged you as cowardly ashen

Atyachar sahan karne ka
Kufal yahi hota hai
Paurush ka aatank manuj
Komal hokar khota hai

This is the consequence
Of tolerating atrocities
The awe of machismo is lost
When one’s gentle n kindly

Kshama shobhti us bhujang ko
Jiske paas garal hai
Uska kya jo dantheen
Vishrahit vineet saral hai

Forgiveness is becoming of
The serpent that’s got venom
None cares for the toothless,
Poisonless, kind, gentle one

Teen divas tak panth mangte
Raghupati sindhu kinare
Baithey padhtey rahey chhand
Anunay ke pyaare pyaare

For three days Lord Raam kept
Asking the ocean for a passage
Sitting there he petitioned
Using the sweetest words to engage

Uttar mein jab ek naad bhi
Utha nahi saagar se
Uthi adheer dhadhak paurush ki
Aag raam ke shar se

When in response there was
Not a whisper from the sea
A raging fire of endeavor
Rose from Raam’s body

Sindhu deh dhar trahi-trahi
Karta aa gira sharan mein
Charan pooj daasta grrhan ki
Bandha moodh bandhan mein

The ocean took human-form
‘N supplicated to Raam
Touched his feet, was subservient
A slave he had become

Sach poochho to shar mein hi
Basti hai deepti vinay ki
Sandhivachan sampoojya usika
Jisme shakti vijay ki

Truth be told, it’s in the quiver
That lies the gleam of modesty
Only his peace-talk is reputable
Who is capable of victory

Sahansheelta, kshama, daya ko
Tabhi poojta jag hai
Bal ka darp chamakta uskey
Peechhey jab jagmag hai

Tolerance, forgiveness and clemency
Are respected by the world
Only when the glow of strength
From behind it is unfurled


Dear People in charge of feeding and housing Kasab, dear people in charge of preaching tolerance when the Chinese threat is escalating at our borders, dear people in charge of my country’s foreign policy, please pause and consider.

We are not judged for our intentions, but for our actions.

I did not write the poem I have quoted above, or translated it.  Dinkar wrote this wonderful poem and  I got the an excellent translation of it from here.  It is a poem that is taught in every school in this country. I read it as a girl.  It taught me valuable lessons in life.  I want you to read it and reflect …

No, time for reflection is gone.  I request you to please read and ACT for all our sakes.


Concerned citizen of a land that is being viewed as a soft target


18 thoughts on “Tolerance or Weakness?

  1. 🙂 Do you still believe in patriotism? I was expecting something from your brilliant mind on this. People are not trained any more. I wish, like few so-called developed countries, here too people must be trained for compulsary two year military regime so they dont remain indifferent. Nobody is reliable, may be this is what is called ghor kaliyug.

    • I dont think patriotism is something that needs to be inculcated into a person. Just as one feels for “my family”, “my school” “my friends” , one feels great identification for “my state” and “my country”.

      And it upsets me deeply that “my country” is not getting a fair deal from the people at the helm

      • Patriotism cannot be inculcated, agreed, but people need to be trained not to be indifferent. I personally feel that I should do a fair deal to the place where I am living, my husband did a lot of research for the voting I had to do, and paid a huge amount of tax wherever I have lived, outside India. I do that here too, for the land where I am living well. I will prefer to protect the people and communities rather than a state, which I feel becomes political. First of all, I would like to kill Kasab myself, fellow is eating from my hard earned tax money.

  2. I don’t think the people at whom this post is directed are gonna read or understand it ever. But i know it feels good to vent out our anger and frustration. I just hope that things turn out better for our country than what it seems like right now! 😦

    (i am commenting on your blog after ages, but couldn’t help it after reading the post!!)

  3. Good one Ritu.We are seen a soft target who can be trampled upon anytime,anywhere. trust some sense will get into their thick heads and even thicker skins.

  4. This inaction combined with hollow talks of resilience is frustrating.. . I was told in 1st grade ‘God Helps those who help themselves’..

    • We have to start accepting responsibility for our own failure at protecting our country. Unless we do, and take steps to prevent it, we shall witness such scenes again and again.

      • Agree with you. We are still in denial. 😦 Infact we don’t even hesitate to boast around that most of such incidents are prevented !!

  5. Sahansheelta, kshama, daya ko
    Tabhi poojta jag hai
    Bal ka darp chamakta uskey
    Peechhey jab jagmag hai

    Tolerance, forgiveness and clemency
    Are respected by the world
    Only when the glow of strength
    From behind it is unfurled

    Totally agree with it… otherwise you are taken as weak, incompetent.
    But how to show that we.. the common people are tired. We should take some solid step to prevent whats going on… but the question is WHAT? What should we do so that some sense of reality seeps into the thick skinned rulers of this country. How long we say that we jump back to life in no time after such acts. Tell me..what options do we have other than jumping back to our normal life?

  6. Whom are we blaming?
    The country consists of us….you, me and others. Each and every one of us is equally responsible for everything. Every procedure of law, every act of parliament, every rule of behavior in public, etc etc have been framed by us… COLLECTIVELY.
    We are a democracy, we elect our representatives, they – on OUR behalf frame the law. They take decisions on OUR behalf. Judiciary prolongs cases like Kasab..or for that matter any other because it operates under a set pattern cycle. Had some police guy bumped of kasab “on the spot” , WE, the people of India and our human right groups would be up in arms on Police atrocities…. The News Channels would have made that poor patriot a scape goat to get the TRP; nodding heads and know-all’s would have discussed at length on various TV shows… and country would have continued pretty much the same way.
    We get the governance we deserve!

      • Terrorism suits many people…else it can be eradicated in no time. Especially terrorism on Indian soil – since it has NO ideology. It is based on exploiting the poverty stricken masses ( you can get someone to place a bag with a bomb in it for a measly sum of few thousands rupees ).
        Terrorism also gives an excuse to our ministers to ask for personal security guards; who are then used to run errands as servants. State governments get more funds, the security forces get better vehicles, equipment, living quarters, etc, press gets more eyeballs, the international weapons industry (some governments survive on it) gets bigger and better orders. Arms dealers have so much hold, they can topple the governments; so who do you think would want it to end?
        Public memory is short; and this fact is the one that factors in at any decision making process.
        The real way to wipe out terrorism is education and a guarantee of employment at fair wages.

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  8. Kasab dead or alive will not change anything I fear. We don’t think about terror attacks within months after the last attack. Have you seen how casually security checks are done everywhere? I blogged about how my address was verified by phone for a new post paid connection in Pune once, I had complained but no idea if they even questioned the person responsible… shows how seriously everybody takes terror attacks 😦 We don’t need new laws or dead terrorists, we need implementation of the rules that are already there.

  9. Totally agreed! It is in how we define certain qualities that actions can occur. For some odd reason, being “good”, “kind” or “compassionate”, is associated with apathy, saying people pleasing opinions instead of honest ones, or simply staying away from taking any stands on any issues. Thus, if you do anything other than the above, you are a “trouble maker”, “not fun”, and are sometimes shunned.

    At the same time the alternative is not arrogance. It is important to be humbly proud, not proudly humble. And that kind of pride comes from self pride and strength. Whatever kind that strength may be.

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