A plea – Let me sulk!

Somewhere along the line in this life, I seem to have given everyone the impression that I am too cheerful a person.  May be that is because the default expression on my face is a smile.  Well, that is because I find frowning takes too much energy.

But on a boring dull Saturday like this I want to be a grouch!


But that is so hard!

I walk into the house just wanting to go into my room and sulk …

DIL : (With a smile) Hellow!  How was office?

Me : Grmph!

Kid#1 : (Cheerily) Aur moti! Kee haal chaal?

Me : Creeping into my room : Mmmmph

Kid#2 : (Settled on my bed, watching TV) Yo Momma! ‘Sup? Ready for the weekend?

Me : (Giving up) Just wanna lie down a bit.  Can you turn off the TV and the light?

Kid#2 : Rubbish! Its Saturday night and you’re still young!  Partay!!!!

Me : Throwing myself on the bed with a frown …

All three galvanized into action

DIL : Boss given you a hard time?  Poor Ma! Shall we order take away?

Kid#1 : Here’s a vodka and orange juice.  I’ll make some chicken momos.  Just the kind you love.


I really wanted to sulk, groan and bitch ….

But its so hard to do that with a glass of vodka and a plateful of chicken momos made with so much love.

I know, I know

I’m spoilt

But before I can preen or count myself as blessed, I must remind myself …

They are probably congratulating themselves on the awesome bit of strategy they played on averting a huge “Poor tired and miserable Ma” sort of drama that I can stage.





18 thoughts on “A plea – Let me sulk!

  1. I believe you write this post for your children to know the real you-one who plays an ace mad hatter mostly but who also many a time dismounts from her high horse.
    CmoOn!You can’t play a madcap joker parent all the time.
    You’ve seen life in myriad colours n shades.Life is dark.trying to be cheerful is one mammoth task.So good going.

  2. I often jokingly say that we should have an extra room in the house,painted totally black to bitch,grumble and mope.It’s cathartic.But you seem to be doing fine without it and keeping up with their energy levels.
    and yeah,you feign a thing to often,nobody takes you seriously.

  3. So super cute-now I want a mother in law like that and if God’s listening and I do get one, the next wish list would be a daughter in law like that too:-)
    amazing….such a feel good post which began with you being grumpy:-)

  4. I hate it when I am cheated out of a scene… or a tantrum… or a sulk. I mean.. come ON…! How is one expected to live..?
    *still in sulk mode*


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