Murphy Loves Me

As is the norm I discovered the Law much before I was introduced to Mr. Murphy who actually wrote it.

And it has played a major role in my life.  Always.

Now take this instance ….

Just before Diwali, I get diagnosed as diabetic.  So I go through Diwali sans sweets.  I go on this killer “I hate sweets and wont eat carbs” routine.  Sigh!  Who am I kidding?  Once I got used to the idea, I started sneaking in some sweets – but not much.  I dont wanna die do I?  But I stopped indulging in any random treat that came my way.

Then I developed an allergy against the medicine that was given to me.  So I stopped taking it and the allergy vanished.  After a week of no medicines I visited the Doc.  Yeah, I am the sort that does not go to doctors on the grounds that they may just discover some other stupid condition and give me medicines and diet regimens.

Well, the doc says that I am not diabetic.  WTF??

This is the same dude that declared me diabetic not so many months ago.

Still – to be sure, he sends me for some tests – fasting and post fasting blood tests.

The results came in – Nope I am not diabetic.

So me being me, I decided to celebrate.  I got up today morning, added a generous dollop of honey to my morning cornflakes.  Tasted horrible!

I made myself a juicy peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I feel like too much birthday cake in my mouth.  Horrible and rich.

I want to eat a spicy McChicken burger to prove to myself that I am still me.  But I have no faith in myself anymore.

I have lost the taste for things that I liked.

Need some hugs my friends

I greatly fear that either I have grown too sensible and/or old or that I have become a saint.




24 thoughts on “Murphy Loves Me

  1. What?? A diabetic once and now no more?! That is good news.
    Perhaps convincing yourself you are a diabetic may help. Sneak in the sweets like beforte and have them. They may taste better 😛 🙂

  2. What an idiot of a doctor – how does he explain your previous high sugar levels then! And we wasted so much energy boosting your morale in the post where you discovered you are a diabetic ! Uff !!!
    I like Shail”s idea – forbidden things always taste better so keep pretending you have diabetes and sneaking in those sweets and fried food ! ! How about some drinks and kukkad to celebrate topped off with choc cake for dessert 🙂

  3. Lets get down to brass tracks here Ritu…! How dare you try to pull wool over our eyes like this with a lot off red-herring talk about honey and peanut butter and stuff…!!!

    When is the doctor’s funeral…?

    Hugs woman…! 😀

  4. Does this mean that I can send you regular chocolates as well? and does this mean that you will not find protein bars in the fridge, and that maybe you can eat dal chawal with your hands?

      • According to me and 3/4 of the offspring, dal chawal is to be eaten only with the hands. The fourth one starts with a spoon and ends up eating with his hand. The husband strongly disapproves of the bunch of us. Congrats on no longer being a diabetic!!!!
        Wish I could join you in some guilt-free indulgence. Loved your book, by the way- just got it a couple of days ago, finished it in
        1 1/2 sittings.

  5. hey this happened to my mom also..she was first diagonized with diabetes and then the doc said no diabetes!!!

    Go to Calcutta and eat some nice sondesh….your sweet tooth will come back for sure 🙂

  6. What can i say its the same story here. I loved sweets but was declared diabetic. Since then my sugar level has been so good !!!! but i just cant have sweets :(:(…

    I indulge in Chaat though :D:D:D

  7. And all this while, I thought, I was the only person ruled by Murphy’s Law! 😉 I can so empathize. Not sure if you remember a little conversation we had about T2D on FB few months ago. A few weeks after that conversation, I visited my Doctor and was diagnosed on the contrary to the earlier diagnosis.

    All the self-motivation, self-restraint, you name it, were wasted upon a false alarm… : Unfair and how!

    Glad to know you are not on the other side of the fence 🙂 Happy guilt-free eating! 😉

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