A vacation

I love the NCR – it is where life is, but not as much as I love the hills.  I grew up in Shillong and then Imphal, Manipur.  The hills is where I hope to live in once I retire.  My sons beg to differ … but one is entitled to ones dreams, and I dream of spending my retired life in the hills.

We had a three day holiday – something that rarely happens in corporate life, and the cousins were planning a vacation.  I tagged along.  We went to Paonta Sahib.

I definitely recommend all those living in NCR to go for a visit.  It was bliss.  We drove down, a trip that on paper takes about 4.5 hours, but for us, practically it took 8 hours or more.  One brother in law is a tea addict and wants to sample chai at any and every dhaba that he drives past!  Naturally with tea samosas and pakodas also have to be sampled etc etc

I think I spent time with my cousins after a long long time.  Ahh, the memories and the nostalgia it evoked for those childhood days …

Paonta was beautiful.  The energetic ones among our group also went on a wild life safari in the jungles.  I was content to click the wild life that went past my balcony

The Yamuna was just beyond the monkeys, and the flow of the current was so strong that there were warnings posted at various places, grim ones, that told of unwary people drowning in those strong currents.  Not that my intrepid son and his cousin bothered …

And what is a vacation without funny hats made of leaves

And getting completely drenched and still having a smile on your face

I want another vacation …. any more festivals falling on end-of-week days?



7 thoughts on “A vacation

  1. Oh great.. remind me of all the day trips we had from chandigarh to paonta sahib.. on our bikes.. It is a beutiful place especially the back roads .. through the woodlands .. and the river and waterfalls …

    any time weather was cloudy was uphill trip day and all of us would ride there .. made me nostalgic this post I will put some pics of ours ..

    I recently visited Paonta sahib in 2008 on way to dehra dun .. 🙂

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