Bad Weather

I went to see the latest Shahid Kapur movie Mausam.

Folks, sympathise with me, puhleese.

Lots of spoilers ahead, but since you will be warned and wont waste money on such drivel, I think I can go ahead.

Mausam … you know what it reminded me of? It reminded me of the lines from The Song of the Ancient Mariner … We sailed like a painted ship upon a painted ocean.

Yeah, precisely. The story did not even move an inch. We have this girl and this boy, she is Kashmiri and he is a Punjabi. They meet at various intervals in a span of ten years. The world burns, but they keep mooning over one another.

All the disasters that can happen, they encounter

1. Mumbai bomb blast … check
2. Kargil War … check
3. 9/11 … check
4. Ahmedabad riots … check

All these things happen, they keep getting lovesick, and they dont even contact each other!!! Sheesh, havent they heard of mobile phones, facebook and smses???

She writes to him …


And lovesick couple, dont you get it? Even the Gods dont want you together, whenever you meet each other, terrorists strike!

Oh yeah – story

There isnt any 😀

There is just the news items I am talking about, and their love.

And I dont know how it ended okay

I walked out once they miss each other at the Ahmedabad railway station.

Mausam is truly bad weather

Or worse

It is smogy, airless and boring


7 thoughts on “Bad Weather

  1. Thanks for the alert and it wasn’t the spoiler alert in the least.
    I was offered free pass by the scooter distributor of the city from where I bought a scooter recently , but then I amy have got free pass , i dont have free time.
    Cant thank you enough.
    I enjoyed the review you wrote ………….I always find reviews of bad movies more enjoyable than the good ones * grinning devilish*

  2. Thanks for saving my money and time… but I feel so bad that I will not be watching SHAHEED on big screen… sheeshhhhh… but I don’t like him that much that I can endure three hours of torture!!!

    Thanks again 😉

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