And I am back!!!!

Can you imagine the torture I have been through?  First I get mildly hacked …. and then one fine day, my entire data base of posts got eaten up …

Shreeman hackerji took away five years worth of posts.  It was as though the ground was cut away from under my feet.  Still I painfully retrieved what was lost.  The last few posts disappeared, and will probably be floating around in ether along with misplaced keys, lost hankies and socks and bits and pieces of forgotten crushes and broken hearts.

It that were not enough … the Salman Rushdie thing happened and I could not vent.  This made me more determined to set up blog again.  My sons have advised me not to write nasty blog posts about the aforementioned Shreemanji …

I am trying, I am trying and I am trying to be nice.

Sigh … “Discretion is the better part of valour” was obviously not coined for people like me.  I am territorial and this is my space.  Life without “My Precccciousss” said like Golem … was hard.

But on the flip side, life without My Preccciousss made me finally finish my third novel.  So something good came out of it definitely.

Feels good to be back 😀






18 thoughts on “And I am back!!!!

  1. welcome back 🙂
    this is bad , wish you find out who this person was .. why people do such things why dont they use their brain for something constructive.

    now tell me how did you recover everything .. this has scared me how do i save all my articles and blogs …

    good to see you back and congrats on finishing off the novel 🙂 al lthe best and take care

  2. Great you’re back.
    I missed your posts though i do not comment usually.
    post a video on youtube cussing and dissing this bugger.
    and continue your quill,madame.

  3. Welcome Back
    I thought you must be completing a book Hence neglecting the blog. Third book Wow Way to go. Not sure if I have commented here before. I enjoy reading your blog and have lurked here several times. I admire your writings and you as a person. You rock lady!!

    • Thanks Abha. It took me a lot of time to re-do the blog. Seems like now I will have to promote it aggressively since I’ve lost my readership 😦

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