Oh the times .. Oh the people

Or as they say in Latin O tempora, O mores …..

Kids kill teachers ….

In my personal opinion there are a lot of teachers and schools that deserve to be shot down … but not literally.  Schools in the country are destroying the natural human urge to learn and achieve .. but killing a teacher is not the way to address the problem.  It is a system failure …

And I definitely do not buy the spiel about teenagers being under too much stress these days.  In certain countries fifteen year old is adult!  We tend to baby our kids far too long.  Why, in my grandmother’s time fifteen year old girls were mothers!  And fifteen year old boys were in some kind of trade earning their own living.  So!

School kid stabs junior over perceived humiliation of his girl friend

Oh really?  This is definitely not macho or romantic.  This is patriarchy syndrome at its worst!  Not that I expect much better in the Jaatland I live in.

Sometimes I think that boys should be kicked on their arses and booted out of the parental abode to go earn their keep at age 14.  Then they would have school + tensions of a job + having to pick up their own mess and cook their own meals.  It would definitely keep aggression down, and keep them real.

I brought this over at breakfast at my own home.  Today Kid#2 was on breakfast duty and we got bacon and scrambled eggs and coffee strong enough to resurrect the dead, but I digress.

Kid#1 : Stabbing over a girl??? Gosh! How futile.  Now he will be in jail and the girl will possibly change her school and never meet him.

Darn right, I thought

Kid#2 : Damn I better keep my license and voters ID in my wallet all the time.  The police will be frothing in their mouths and checking every male for the next two months.


Me – persisting – But did you ever feel the need to fight for a girl’s honor?

Both laughed.

Kid#1 : Hell yeah, fight yes.  But not over a chick!  Cant she fight for herself?  

Kid#2 : If she can’t stand up for herself, she is way too much responsibility.  I don’t need that.

Makes me hopeful, really hopeful that patriarchy is on its way out.

Now if someone could also, similarly dilute religious intolerance and jingoism, this world would be such a better place to live in.

Perhaps I am hoping for too much


14 thoughts on “Oh the times .. Oh the people

    • Yes. Sometimes I think the French way of dealing with religion is the way forward … they suppress all overt demonstrations of religion – any religion

      • I support that. Not a day passes without my ranting about something similar to the L & M: Religion should be kept within the four-walls of your home or place of worship. No public displays. In fact public display of affection should be allowed. Sheesh, we have it all ulta. 😦

  1. Tolerance level are low these days, as life moves on a fast track. Add to it the diminishing role of parents and impersonal attitude of teachers ( we have 50 kids in a class these days ) – who will bring take on inculcating the smaller virtues in gen-next?… they have only TV serials and movies to guide them ….. and how????…you see the result all around us 🙂

    • True Wizzy … but then parental duty does kick in when the parents try to protect a child from the consequences of his/her mistakes. Perhaps in these times, parents have lost their ability to know right from wrong

  2. “Sometimes I think that boys should be kicked on their arses and booted out of the parental abode to go earn their keep at age 14” – You said it all in this one sentence.

    I love what science has done to the beautiful lady. Bloody religion!

  3. In India, it is generally the parents who choose a child’s career; often it is the family business or vocation that gets handed down. Even if they pursue their own ambition, it is the parents who foot the bill till they get “settled”. The government on its part has no role, nor a scheme to support these children who would want to venture on their own. There are no minimum wages or support program – nor employment opportunities should these children become homeless on leaving their home at an age of 14 or so in following their ambitions. I do not see any changes in the society in near future, so best hope lies in handing down good values like respect for the elder, teachers, etc….

    • True. It is scary how much kids have to depend on their parents, so much power over another human life and mind is not healthy, seriously

  4. “Perceived” humiliation. That says it. Its your perception what insult is and then you go around stabbing to recover the lost honor? There is a limit to stupidity or rather there should be.

    • “Sometimes I think that boys should be kicked on their arses and booted out of the parental abode to go earn their keep at age 14. Then they would have school + tensions of a job + having to pick up their own mess and cook their own meals. It would definitely keep aggression down, and keep them real.”

      You said it lady!

      • I think we mollycoddle kids, specially male ones too much. There has to be a limit, and they should be taught responsibility – and made to pay for their transgressions.

  5. I think kids nowadays have become too touchy..thin- skinned..their tolerance power is low as compared to my generation. We never got so easily offended or “insulted”!

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