Another Valentine Day’s Post

Its become a kind of tradition for me to write something on Valentine’s Day.  All my regular readers know that the commercial hard sell of V Day pisses me off.

Damn You Cupid!

Its not that I am against love …  I love my kids and the DIL, I love my dogs and fishes and even the lone turtle we have.  Love is good.

Sex is better!!!  I say this even though you may not be able to score on V Day, despite those huge obscene hearts and fat cupids hanging all over the malls that just seem to be egging you on to go and get some.

But this hype pisses me off.

Made me start thinking what do I love most?

Hmmm – LIFE I think.  The simple things –

A huge cup of coffee

A plateful of dal chawal with Bedekar mango pickle

A game of LUDO with the boys …. wherein I win (Dont knock it, I lose to them both all the damn time!)

A lovely song …


Now this is romance … not something that all the hearts and cupids can top!

But my all time love is writing … something expressed so beautifully in this blog post : I’d rather be writing

Eat your hearts out, Moral Police : To me writing tops all other activity, actually not ….. almost all other activity that one can engage in.

So I am going to finish another chapter of my next project today


22 thoughts on “Another Valentine Day’s Post

    • You reminded me of Fiddler on the Roof! I simply love some of the songs, If I were a rich man, Matchmaker and all the other. Wasnt that an awesome movie?

  1. Yay to that! Happy Writing to you Ritu. To each his/her own. And guess what I feel all these oversized hearts, soft toys and candies and cards are for the 13-14 year olds. Hmm though I wouldn’t mind (the L & M is playing possum) a giant soft toy myself. But naah, now that I have Luci, I don’t need any lifeless toy 😉 😛 She is full of beans and pep and I love her. We just had a wrestling bout and I managed to escape unscathed in a surprise move vanished into my room and locked the door. Yup that’s me sticking my tongue at her 😛 No Valentine’s day could have been any better.

  2. Ah well, for me it’s like celebrating diwali, or new years, or my birthday.. TO each their own.. We choose how we want to celebrate any day we want.. But it feels nice to sit down once in a while and have a nice chat about it..

    Now about the hearts and the whole decorations.. I am just partial towards the candies and chocolates…

    My plans for today were to dream in the morning and work in the day.. My first true loves

    • Candies and chocolate all round the year! Flowers and pampering all round the year … I would feel cheated if it was only on V Day

  3. Awww… Ritu, I so love the way Valentine’s appeals to a unique us. No, it’s not hearts aflutter, teddy bears that make you love them, chocolates, or a treat out (not that I wouldn’t mind any of them 😛 )- for me, it’s a celebration of oneself. For if you cannot appreciate yourself, there is going to be no one else doing that :D!
    And having someone love you back unconditionally (like Shail’s Luci) – I have Appu and Chinnu with me, but I miss my Kuttan (all f the four legged variety 😀 ) and his mother Paru, who will arrive tomorrow with my parents 🙂 🙂

    have a wonderful day!

  4. For me love is Writing, Photography, Baking, Music , Dance ….Love is life in many ways but not V days kinds 😛

    For me V day was about going out with parents ❤
    Cupid show sicks me too 😛

  5. On Val day, my GF and I distributed packets of sweets to poor children near the temple ….. Some of them try to pretended they had not got it and caeme again in the queue:)…and we pretended we did not notice…lol

    Joys in small things life …

  6. I loved the three words SEX IS BETTER !! .. Thats one lesson I learnt pretty well from my ex 🙂 thanks to her for that one good thing he he he.

    you have a turtle too 🙂 I did not know that …

    I love lots of things too and I LOVE YOUR ARTICLES TOOO 🙂 so keep writing and keep doing what you love 🙂

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