Overheard in the mall elevator

Husband : So you finally found those shoes you wanted!

Wife : No, but these are better, I got them on sale

Husband : Oh Good!  How long do you think they will last you?

Wife : The salesman said they will give at least 500 miles jogging

Husband : How can they say that?  They would have to take in the condition of the road you jog on, your weight, the weather and a bunch of other things!

Wife (cold freezing tone as opposed to happy excited voice of moments earlier) : I have no idea

Husband : Totally oblivious to the chill in tone : So do you think you will get 500 miles out of those?

Complete cold silence …


3 thoughts on “Overheard in the mall elevator

  1. Last week my wife took me to the mall to buy shoes that she had liked a week back (but did not buy – she evades the question when i question her why).
    We came out of the mall after two hours – without shoes; and with four designer suits 🙂
    MORE cold stares make me shiver….LOL

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