Weekend Happiness



Remember the movie “In Pursuit of Happyness”?

I loved the movie, I completely got it too.  A small note on it for people who havent seen it.  It is an autobiographical account of Chris Gardener’s one year of homelessness in which he took custody of his son and also embarked on a life-changing professional endeavor.  That he eventually became a huge millionaire with lots of philanthropic endeavors etc etc is of course known to many.  Needless to say I cried when I watched it.

It focused on this guy’s struggle to keep his son with him, while not giving up.  Thing is – he went through a very difficult phase, but did not lose sight of what was important to him … his son and the desire to provide for him and protect him.

To me it focused on what is important …

What is important is love and family.  The rest comes much much later, and if it does not add richness to the above two, I guess one is doing something wrong.

It was my birthday weekend and it was so centred on love and family …

1. Kid#1 baked a chocolate cake, got me to cut it at midnight on 24th to bring my birthday in.  It was slightly burnt but tasted delicious 😀

2. I took chutti from work – something I rarely do.

3. On 25th I shopped for clothes … loved it!  I normally avoid shopping, but this time I got good stuff.  Gurgoan malls, you rock!

4. Of course I wanted lots and lots of everything I can’t afford (They are either too expensive or too bad for my health) but Kid#1 hit the nail on the head when he started singing this song ….

aashayein khile dil ki
ummedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahi kuch bhi, nahi kuch bhi
aashayein khile dil ki
ummedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahi kuch bhi, nahi kuch bhi

When did these boys become so witty?

4. I got a beautiful bouquet of pink rosebuds …. yayyyy!

26th being Sunday became an extension of the 25th …

5. We went to the book fair and missed Preeti Shenoy who was there for her book launch 😦

6. Went to Rupa bookstall and did not see my book anywhere.  Kyun Godji and Publisher ji?  Please do put my book on display.  Please …

7. We went to India Habitat Centre – I love the place, and I really love the All American Diner there.  The food is good, and the servings uff!

8. As usual I started looking around hoping to spot celebrities.  IHC, as usual, did not disappoint. Spotted Bacchi Karkaria and Satish Kaushik over there.  Man the place really rocks.

9. I also saw a skinny man wearing more piercings than Shah Rukh Khan in Ra One … alright I exaggerate, but seriously!  He even wore leather pants.  The look on Kid#2’s face was priceless when he saw me staring and took a look of the guy.  I was two glasses of draught beer down, and it never occurred to me to take a pic of his expression, damn!

10. In pursuit of Happyness …. one does not have to pursue it.  I have it in my heart, my sons make this possible for me.  Damn!  I love my life.

 P.S. : I decided to put a pic of the nazar battu in the beginning of the post and the kaala teeka at the bottom : because in spite of the famiglia laughing at me, I am hugely superstitious about them.  So laugh away you evil ones, I love you regardless.


13 thoughts on “Weekend Happiness

  1. Hey I bumped into Kid#1 and Kid#2 at the book fair and silly me I forgot to ask them if you are there as well ! Damn we could have met !
    And BTW your book ws very much there at the Rupa Stall. Prominently displayed too ! How the heck did you miss it ! 🙂

    • Yayyyyy! My book was displayed! Now that makes me very very happy. How the hell did I miss it?

      The boys never even told me that they met you! Dayammm!

  2. It is gr8 to know that your sons surrounded u with love on ur B’day. Must have surely missed Esha.

    Now IHC, is long waiting on my list. Can’t wait to be there.

    Luv the nazar tika. me too superstitious 🙂

  3. ritu bhen a very happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day.

    and what a lovely way to spend it with family.

    I loved that movie too have got it too..

    and go to hell al the evil ones we dont need you …

  4. aaj phone karke poochne hi waali thi kya kiya chal gotto know here. bye off to hyderabad to meet sum educationists who arent goin ot be kind to me…

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