Elevenses, a tag

Tag rules :

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Ze questions

1. What is your favorite cartoon character and how do you relate its traits to real life?

It has to be Maxine.  I love her … and sometimes I think I am becoming her! I think she should have a comic book to herself


2. What attachment do you think can keep you from salvation? (A metaphorical question this :P Salvation is no cake. For me it was my attachment to my cat Chunky).

I don’t want salvation.  I don’t want to die and go someplace where there is total peace and happiness.  So boring.  Once I die I intend to hang on here and haunt people – just for the fun of it.

3. Name one character from books/movies that you admired and why.

To many …. Heathcliff comes to mind, so does Hermoine Granger and the twin Weasleys …. Gandalf.  And the Mad Hatter!  Oh I am spoilt for choice

4. If you were to write a book with you as the lead, what would be the genre of the book?

Insane whacky humor

5. Which language do you think in and how does it help?

I think in Hinglish, want to write in that language too, but publishers dont like that

6. If you are new to a niche group, for example a seminar on a technology you have no clue about and everybody except you seems comfortable with the jargon, how do you try and fit in? You act smugly confident or intelligently curious? (Cue: Mandira Bedi’s foray in Cricket Commentary).

My way of acting in such situations is to be a bimbette … you know big smile on face and no questions.  You would be amazed how much you get away with if you wear a lovely smile and are lucky enough to have an innocent look on your face.  Oh it helps to wear plain glasses to hide the devil within.

7. Name one quality of yours you admire without a tinge of narcissism.

Heck I am as narcissistic as they come!  My writing talent perhaps?

8. What is one faux pas you would never want to make? And are most susceptible to making!

Forgetting the right name for the right face …. I do that so often 😦

9. Umm…tell me a joke :P (The reason is I was known for jokes which couldn’t make even the Mad Hatter laugh, well ‘cos he’s doesn’t grasp them, but that’s another case. You have to tell me a joke which makes me laugh and I can then borrow it :P )

My cousin once told me that life should be taken with a pinch of
salt ….and a wedge of lemon ……. not forgetting a large measure of tequilla.

Not funny enough?  Try reading this after a couple of tequilla shots.

10. What is the accomplishment you are most proud of as a person? (I had once convinced my friend’s 4 year old sister, who was down with possible Typhoid to take a blood test without crying. When we took her to the lab, she was crying her heart out and would not even listen to anything. I took her out, got her a toffee and then told her, you wanna get well no? Doctors want you to get well too, they wanna know what you have and can treat you then. The needle is a mosquito bite young lady, and we are not afraid of mosquitos :) She went inside, and held out her arm and told the doctor with a smile – I don’t need an your assistant to hold my hand, I am a brave girl. Well I wanted to brag so the question :P  )

I think my life is what I am proud of; it is my main notable achievement

11. This is a cliched one. Tell us a hobby/sport that most people don’t know you’re good at.

Watching sansanikhej khabrein and cooking up awesome successful ways in which crime can be committed


There!  Phew done that!

My questions – hehehehehe I am so gonna have fun!

1. If you were in Harry Potter series, which character would you be?

2. Any one you wish would fall off the planet?

3. Do you believe in miracles?

4. Famous person you resemble ….

5. Your favorite superstition – I make a wish on fallen eyelashes

6. What is your superpower?  Mine is to dream up fantastically improbable stories   Actually it is to eat food and convert it into fat!

7. If a movie was made on your life, what would it be called?

8. Which would you prefer – dying in a blaze of glory or dying peacefully in your sleep?

9. What do you do when no one is watching – no, not THAT!  Something you can safely admit to 😛

10. Gabbar Singh or Mogambo?

11. Angeline Jolie’s leg as displayed on Oscar or Mallika Sherawat’s gyrations in Jalebi Bai?

Okay now to tag eleven people,

1. Aneela

2. Chandni

3. Abha

4. Dipali

5. Shail

6. Imp’s Mom

7. Monika Manchanda

8. Purba Ray

9. Deeps

10. UmaS

11. Iya

Whadduknow, I got eleven people!  Wow

And Kamikaze done your tag






11 thoughts on “Elevenses, a tag

  1. Ritu ji 🙂 you are sooooooooooo like me! I crib about the task at hand but finish it with finesse 😀 I soo loved the honesty of this post. I will have to come and comment again on the answers. The questions are so trickily simple. Sherlock Holmes says that it is the most simplest of cases that are the most difficult. My favorite is 10. Gabbar. Mogambo is too wily for my sensibilities, plus he is a firang. 🙂

    • “Kitne aadmi the?” …. “Holi kab hai? Kab hai holi?” Oh he was one larger than life villain. That was an easy one – what about the others?

      • umm…i was dying to answer them, but then din wanna play spoil sport before the taggees answer them 😛 Here i go :

        1. Tonks
        2. There are many.
        3. I do. I make them happen 🙂
        4. Umm…I can’t think of anyone 😦
        5. Black cat crossing my path. My face lights up with joy 😀
        6. My superpower is balance of mind. In any damn situation.
        7. The Dreamer (Tagline – She lived. And how!)
        8. In a blaze of glory, without doubt.
        9. I smile to myself 🙂
        10. Gabbar
        11. A toughie. But I am biased for Angie 🙂 She’s one of my fav actors.

      • That leg drool, its totally worth the press it got! You avoided pushing people off the planet, so unfair! And I would also like to go off in a blaze of glory

      • I push people off the planet clandestinely 😉 They just disappear with a *poof* 😛 So it is a guarded secret 😉

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