Plagarism and steps to avoid plagarising

I have had content taken from me, mauled and then published …  Others have had pics stolen, content taken without acknowledgement etc etc.  And then people have had accusations thrown at them of being plagiarists, when they clearly have had no intention of doing that.

This blogger has accused IHM of doing just that …

We know IHM, it is impossible to not know IHM if you are a blogger.  She has tirelessly blogged about women’s issues for so many years – and none of her posts are copied.  She is a fair blogger and produces original content

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, to “plagiarize” means

  • to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own
  • to use (another’s production) without crediting the source
  • to commit literary theft
  • to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

IHM did not present the ideas as her own … she clearly said that she googled and read other blogs and saw these ideas.  She also credited the source as “other blogs” and she did not commit literary theft or stole ideas. These ideas are there.

Sadly enough

Many women do tend to see themselves as objects or playthings, dolls for the men in their lives.  Its scary because age will catch up – and then what? Will they be discarded like old toys are?

But, as usual I digress ….

We were taught that it is not considered plagiarism if citations are given.  And at the beginning of her blog post IHM said this

Every International Women’s Day, messages and forwards give women reasons why they should be glad they were born women. I  googled and found these common ones. Many of the reasons have to do with how women look and dress, and with how much they can give up.

Not linking and no offense is intended to anybody.

I think this is citation enough …

I happen to agree with IHM in hindsight considering the dust this blogger kicked up – perhaps she should have linked the blog post …

Since the lady in question is proud of her views


22 thoughts on “Plagarism and steps to avoid plagarising

  1. In hindsight I feel this blogger is more pissed that so many of us disagree with her than anything else !
    Of all the people, IHM Blamed for plagiarism – Now that is really something to laugh about !

  2. and also she is probably pissed that IHM for so many hits and comments .. yu know how greedy people are over that 🙂

    maybe she wanted a few user to come to her post to .. 🙂

    you remember how i pestered you to come to my blog .. Which by the way you dont I need to steal some of ur content now 🙂 he he he

  3. Let me clarify at the outset that I have not read IHM’s post or the blogger who has accused IHM of plagiarising. My comments here are based only on the information your thought-provoking post has given on plagiarism.

    The dictionary that you have used to define plagiarism here does not mention an important point used in determining and defining plagiarism: if the source, whether for words or ideas, is credited incorrectly or is incomplete, it is plagiarism. This is also one of the criteria used nationally and internationally to determine plagiarsm.

    So, in the strictest sense, crediting the source as only “other blogs” is incorrect and it amounts to plagiarism.

    • I checked with IHM, the questions were sourced from more than four blogs, five or six, I forget the number. It was not just this one post she visited

      • Yes but 20 out of the 25 points were from pallavis blog. And even if they were for 5 other blogs, then maybe all the sources should have been credited

  4. Dear Ritu, i have been an avid follower of your blog, agree with your sentiments but strongly disagree with the comment- ” First gain that kind of stature and then make accusations”– whats the point that you are trying to make???
    All said and done she is entitled to her opinion and thats what she is doing! — for you — please do but have a better logic to counter than just talking about stature!!! a young/anonymous/ or anybody for go sake has a right to make a hue and cry for the issue they feel.
    STATURE has nothing to do about it and if you think it has then i just makes me question your attitude!

    • On hind thoughts I have to agree with the truth of your statement. I stand corrected. That was an unfair pot shot. Thanks for pointing it out. But I did not put Stature or any such thing on my blog post – so why bring it up here. I think we have all had our say and should move on, what say?

      • Where else can one bring that up Phoenix Ritu? Not sure if you would visit Pallavis blog again. I tried posting some comments on IHMs blog in support of pallavis and the comments did not pass moderation (big surprise!)

        Point is..some of the readers took some really low shots and the decent thing to do at this point if you really want to put this behind would be to apologize to her for your potshot. But then again this comment will also not make it past your moderation ..sigh!

      • Oh it did, I am the first to admit that I am not God and error free. I am human and willing to learn … I had an email discussion with Pallavi and we both agreed to let bygones be. I wish Pallavi and I had met some other way … She has a great blog going. The way I see it, she has her view point and IHM has hers. To be fair, these things do happen as blogs are mediums of expression – and ideas do clash!

  5. I am so clueless of what happened but having known IHM for years I am like aghast how can anyone say that to her…She has always credited sources or said if she borrows…don’t know about the lady in question….but i feel if it went public …i feel one should talk out in private before doing that….. miscommunication inflate things…..and maybe if she had done that….proper citations would have happened….but off late I see people scandalize issues to just gain limelight….I completely agree to what you said in many ways…but plagiarism is something which is a very tricky issue in time of internet alas….

  6. Nowadays internet content is not ruled by how the dictionary defines plagiarism!! Look up articles on copyright infringement and fair use rules instead!! 🙂
    It is just that these things are not taken seriously in India yet. If you get an idea of a post even you should mention the source..that’s basic blogging and net etiquette. (why do we accuse our music directors then? poor things just get inspired and have no bad intention!) And if you take actual sentences out of someone’s post, linking is essential even though you have the best of intentions to not do so 🙂

    And not taking up cudgels for a blogger just because you are his/her big fan is part of blogging spirit. I think every blogger can fight his or her own battle and doesn’t need someone to speak for them. Still we do..cuz that’s human nature..we feel protective and defensive about some people but that can be done in a sensible manner. I read from your comment that this thing has been sorted out but as I am late and as this hullabaloo which I missed in its peak deserves my two cents I feel. And there are people in this vast universe of blogs who don’t know IHM or you or me and they still deserve to be called bloggers!
    p.s. you have got the spelling of plagiarism wrong in the title.

    • Ouch about the spelling I know I don’t have to take up cudgels for IHM, she is well able to defend herself. I hoped that the blogger would look beyond and sense IHM’s intentions. She is a very fair person.

      Thankfully the issue got resolved … IHM linked her blog, and they agreed to let bygones be bygones

  7. Hope you take my comment in the right spirit. Keeping a copy of my comment in my draft just in case my comment doesnt pass moderation because this is something which I would like to take up for discussion to keep blogosphere different from being just like Twitter.

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