Change in game plan

Life is getting to be quite a rut …

When you are young, you do not have a plan, at least I did not have one.  No plan about life, no plan about career, no plan about money.  I kind of liked that! I meandered into what I do for a living.  I just lived ….

Now its so structured ….

Get up in the morning, do a few stretches, eat a bowl of corn flakes, eat calcium, drink tea, get dressed, reach office cabin.

Work, blog, face book, scribble notes on pad on how the next chapter of book is going to look like

Drive home.  May be stop for veggies and fruit shopping, reach home.  Spend some time with sons, catch up.  Eat dinner.  Write fresh chapter, or delete some, add some …


Oh did I mention that I even don’t plan my outfit for the day.  Just pick up what is on the top of the pile …

I need variety.

The last year has been rough … I have more white in my head than colour.  I swear I have wrinkles … fresh new ones.  That is acceptable.  What is not acceptable is that I had no fun acquiring the greys and wrinkles.  I may even have to get my eyes checked, the power may have increased.

This is not how I want to grow old!  I want to have fun growing old.

So here is the deal God/Higher Being/Alien in Charge of Planet Earth

I want choice …

I want choice on how to add the greys and wrinkles.  I want to enjoy the process, laugh so hard that tears stream down my face.  I want to laugh until I clutch my sides, and double up with belly ache.

I want laughter lines, nor worry lines.

And I want my face to be crowned with shiny silvery white hair.

That would be life well spent


4 thoughts on “Change in game plan

  1. hmmmm I am sure god has given that choice to us , its just i think we are too involved in everything we do and dont look at it ..

    we have cocooned ourselves too much into our own little world , well thats my take on it ..

    but neverthless AMEN to the wish and i hope and wish GOd grants you the same 🙂

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