Me the author

All of a sudden things seem to be moving ahead for me.  Given that I learnt my three Rs in a convent, where the Sister Superior was an avid follower of the school of thought “Let your work speak for itself” and how modesty is a jewel and extremely charming in a young or old lady … this is a trifle unsettling.

Consider this : (True story – It happened when I was in Class IV)

Me : (Bragging what else?) You know why I have fair skin?  That is because someone in my ancestors was caucasian!

Jealous fellow student : Liar

Me : (Pushing it a bit) Yes there are cousins who have blue and green eyes in the family too

(It is true … the eye bit not the caucasian bit … at least I think so …. Well never mind!)

Ours was a small select convent and gossip reached Sister Lydia, our principal, main tormentor, upholder of feminine virtues.

One day, after the Lord’s prayer, a desk was brought and I was made to climb it.  Then a sermon on vanity as the biggest and most horrible of the the seven deadly sins, and the transience of physical beauty was delivered.  Biting allusions were made to young ladies being enamored by such trifling and petty things.

Pretty rough eh?

Not really …

During the course of the sermon Sister Lydia realized that my skirt was short … I had gained a few inches in height.  She asked for a needle and then proceeded to let down the hem of my skirt, with the whole school watching.  Nice girls do not show so much thigh …

Convents are rough.  The nuns are nightmare.  At least they were when I was in school.

So much for making an impression due to skin colour …

But I think I can brag safely about a few nice things happening on the writing front …

My second book will be out in July.

I got interviewed

Here is a link to my interview on The Vault 

Oh!  And there is a competition happening on The Witty Shit

I can personally assure you that the speakers are good, and I will be happy to award the signed copies of A Bowlful of Butterflies.  Do participate.

I can safely brag right now … Sister Lydia isnt around to make an example out of me, and I dont wear skirts so she can’t let down the hem 😉


6 thoughts on “Me the author

    • Akanksha the book is out in the market. You could participate in the competition and win one 😉

      Convents Phew!!! The nuns are holy terror!

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