Pride or Self Respect?

This is a question that often comes to my mind ..


The day I entered my marital home, there was much excitement (naturally) and my mother in law was busy giving vadhai (gratitude) to all the helpers and sundry workers.  It is customary to give some cash and mithai to people like gardener, domestic helper and so on when something as momentous as your son getting married and a new bride entering the home.

Well, there was this young boy who supplied milk to us from the near by village.  Ma in law gave him some money, and a box of sweets.  He blushed red, got confused, but then accepted it when my ma in law told him that she was as old as his mother and he had to accept in good grace.

The next day his mother came with him, and demanded to see the bride.  I was called into the living room.  She blessed me and handed me an equal amount of currency as gift.  Confused I touched her feet – I am after all a well brought up girl and touching elderly feet is no big deal!

After they left, I felt impressed by the boy’s khuddari and I said so.

But my elders thought it was unbecoming pride …

I still wonder


7 thoughts on “Pride or Self Respect?

  1. Good of the milk boy and you did good tooo. his mother is elder to you , so you touched the feet no harm in respecting the elders whatever or whoever they are … It sure show you too are a person of self respect and pride ..

    why would they think otherwise of you i dont know ..

    Although I remember the THAPAD i got when i was giving the food to one of the farm labour and by mistake my utensil touched his ..

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