“2 women bloggers on an ‘exotic’ beach in the middle of June!  Can you imagine that?””


I looked at my son stuffing his mouth with his double cheese double meat patty and double everything burger enviously as my stomach did a flip flop in reaction to the food he was ingesting.  Damn!  Did I ever eat like that and still remain slim?


I popped a Digene into my mouth, his food was giving me acidity!


He considered this and glugged his soda.  “They are bloggers … so they won’t be hot stuff.  No offense Ma, but too much time on the computer makes the butt so – well so ‘not so hot!’”


Years of parenting has made me adept at ignoring unflattering observations from the cretin I have spawned.  So I ignored this and went back to the screen of my laptop and studied the Indiblogger contest announcement.


“Kyra will be there too!”


He perked up.  “Kyra who?”


I looked at him chomping on that burger, wrestled with my conscience and I won!  I said sweetly, “Kyra is my very good friend.  I met her online ages ago.  She has dark brown hair and eyes and a very curvy figure.  And she wears short dresses that flatter her erm … make her look oomphy!”


She was Elena first, now they've changed her name


He looked at me totally disbelievingly.  Then he did the unthinkable, he accused me of lying, almost


“You’re overdoing it Ma.”


I waved that away.


“What is more, she is an outdoorsy kind of person and she is offering me an all expense paid trip to the beach.  We’ll play beach volley ball and build sandcastles, sip pina coladas and ….”


He choked on it.  “Why?” He asked, “You are not the outdoor type.  You think the sun will give you wrinkles.”


Then he squinted his eyes and stared at my face.  “For your age, you don’t have many.”


I melted.  I am a sucker for flattery from my sons; they don’t compliment me very often.  I even forgave him for eating that horrendous burger so early in the morning, in front of me.


“That is because I don’t go out in the sun much and also because I read an awesome article years ago when you were two or three.  It gave me a lot of gyan.”


“Mumma come to the point.”


Okayy.  I admit I have become a tad bit long winded with age.


“Well apart from all the gyan it gave me the article was named “Wear Sunscreen”.  So I slather it on!”


“Sometimes you talk like a firang”, my irreverent spawn commented.


“No I don’t.  Long time ago people laughed at the NRI types who carried mineral water with them.  Slowly we came to understand that it was important to drink clean water and now we always carry a bottle of mineral water with us when we go out.  The same way sunscreen is important.  We get good Indian ones too, that don’t burn a hole in the wallet.  Like Lakme.”


“Where does your Kyra come into this?”


That stumped me a bit.

“Oh she wears Lakme sunscreen too, when she romps on the beach like one of those California beach babes.  It is one of those ….”


He read it off the screen of my computer “The Lakme Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion with SPF 50 gives complete UV protection to your skin, no matter how strong the rays are!   I must admit Kyra is gorgeous.”


I looked at him reproachfully.


“Bye Ma, all the best for the contest,” he said as he actually ruffled my hair very paternally.  I mean, I am the parent here!


I watched as he slung his bag on his shoulder and just then his phone rang.  He picked it up, winked at me and said, “Hey Kyra!  How are you doing?  Yeah I’m just moving out.”


I started at him open mouthed.  He covered the speaker with his hand and waggled his brows at me


“Romp on the beach with Kyra?” he whispered to me and walked out.


This blogpost is in response to the Indiblogger Lakme Diva contest







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  2. Awww, looks like you’ve taken away more than the “wear sunscreen” tag from the song of 1991 than anyone else. It takes years to build such a cherished bond. Touchwood! And all the best for the contest! 🙂

    • It was an article – and later got made into a song … it is lovely and total gyan. It influenced me a lot

  3. Simple! You catch an early morning flight to Goa and spend the day there. And you can return by the evening 😛

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