De-stressing on Mother’s Day

Sometimes I think that we, as a nation are too earnest.  We seem to think that we have to strive solemnly and earnestly for perfection – which is a laugh since life itself is gloriously imperfect.  If it were not, I would have gone insane with boredom.  Take motherhood for instance.  It is a messy, painful and tiring thing.  Anyone who has had to clean car seat covers of puke, wipe snot and change diapers will agree.  Of course it has its rewards, when the kids are pre-puberty they do look at you as though you are a goddess.  Sadly that phase does not last.  Know something?  I would trade that for the adult kids phase.  Small kids can be oh so annoying and clingy.  I teamed up with Sagarika Chakraborty and we decided to play the antithesis of the filmy Ma.  There were some stock questions mothers ask, and we replied to them at the Write Up Cafe

Here is the link :

Amelia Curzon is a blogger and author and has been kind enough to host me on her blog.  I am a guest blogger for the week.  Do check that out too

This is what she writes

This week, I am very pleased to welcome my Guest Blogger Ritu Lalit Author Ritu Lalit with her amusing recollections of her son’s wedding. A catalogue of disasters occurs, which I’m sure many of us can relate to, when fate intervenes and destroys even the best laid plans.

Thanks Amelia.  I read the reviews of your book on Amazon.  Cant wait to get my copy





7 thoughts on “De-stressing on Mother’s Day

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  2. Hi There Phoenixr,
    Thanks for the info, I am 7 months pregnant and my infant keeps shifting, I consider it is simply because of my tension. Is it natural?
    All the Best

    • You need to check your diet. Maybe the infant hates the orange juice you are guzzling. Try Carrot Juice instead. Or you could work out, you know have strenuous sex with the father of the infant. He/she will be so grossed out and will stop fidgeting 😛

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