Petville at Phoenixhouse

As long time readers of my blog know we are dog lovers, at least my boys and daughter in law are.  I like them, but they are so clingy and my soul is the sort that can’t handle clingy.  So I love them, but not the way they do.  They will cuddle endlessly with the dogs, and even have them sleep on their bed.  I keep on controlling the urge to tell the dogs “Go grow a spine!”  Heck I did that with my sons and they grew such a strong one, that now I have to chase after them for some hugs and cuddles.  Talk about overdoing the damn independence bit!


Yeah, they find summers too hot and laze around on the rug in the day, lolling in the airconditioned comfort of my bed room, while I am slaving in the office.

We also have fishes and turtles.  Excuse me for not posting a pic of them.  The aquarium is dirty and the damn maintenance guy has not come for weeks!

About ten days ago, I met with an accident at a busy intersection.  Slight damage to the car but none to self thankfully.  While I was standing on the pavement frantically dialing the mechanic and the son to come and rescue me I saw a small kitten, barely a month old.  She leaped out  from under the tyres of a Tavera.  I caught her.  The poor mite was shivering and howling.  Well, it kind of went with my mood.  I was suffering reaction from my accident.  There was no way in hell that I would leave that kitten to the mercy of traffic and wild animals.  Kid#2 came charging in to rescue me and saw the little thing and said, “No way!  We are a dog family, are you shitting me?”

I stood my ground.  The kitten needed a home and I was giving her one.  So the kitten came home.  For one whole day she mewled and hid in various places like under the bed and in the kitchen cabinet, while we brainstormed for a name.  I said Socks, since her feet are white.  Yeah, I save my imagination for my novels.  The family trashed this.  Boys being what they are suggested Pussy.  Yeah, they would 😉

One day went by, and the kitten got friendly with the dogs.  Or rather she started bullying them.  She plays hunt a dog.  The game is simple if you are a feline.  You hide or climb to a spot of great height.  Then you wait until a canine passes by.  You jump onto the hapless creature and make it jump in surprise.  If the canine retaliates, you jump or run away and then play catch a doggie tail in your mouth.

Needless to say the dogs were shocked and bewildered.  But it was good bonding for both the species.  The cat was yet un-named.

Then Kid#1 who was avidly following these events from Dubai came up with a brilliant name for her.  He said she reminded him of Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.  I found it apt.  Well the option I had threatened to stuff down their throats if they did not come up with a name was Jalebi Bai.  Arya was better, way better.

So, dear readers, introducing Arya, the latest denizen of the Phoenix Household

Yes, we have belled the cat.  Its the only way to prevent locking cat in the wardrobe or in kitchen cabinets.

Practicing her fearsome look

The best part is the conversion of my Kid#2.  The first day when Arya was a mewling bundle of terror and nerves, he complained, “We are a dog family. How can we adopt a cat?”

And now he spends the most time playing with her!

(She loves to sleep in the fruit bowl on the dining table)

Safe to say, we are an animal family …


15 thoughts on “Petville at Phoenixhouse

  1. She is just a baby. She sits still only if she is asleep. These pics were taken by my nephew with great difficulty

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