Nitwit Oddment Blubber Tweak

What would your head have been doing in Hogsmeade, Potter? Your head is not allowed in Hogsmeade. No part of your body has permission to be in Hogsmeade.” (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Sunil chuckled and shook his head, reading and re reading the words.  “I tell you Rowling is sheer genius.  No one can create such a wonderfully sarcastic character like Snape.”   Ayesha looked up from the vegetables she was chopping for dinner and smiled at him.  Really he had the enthusiasm of a child.  The cat jumped on to the table and curled up next to her hand.

“Back to Potter are we?” she murmured as she stroked the cat who started purring loudly.

He flushed looking almost boyish in his embarrassment.  “I know it’s a kid’s book.  There is no such thing as magic.  But the author has talent.  Now look at Dumbledore.  The guy is a crackpot, but so immensely quotable.  Remember his speech at the sorting?  ‘Nitwit, Oddment, Blubber Tweak’?  It is a sarcastic reference to the four houses.”

“I know dear.  You told me that earlier.” She said fondly.

“I wish the world she created was real.  I wish quidditch was real,” he sighed.  “But there is no such thing as magic.”

Ayesha smiled as she snapped the beans for the stew.  “I think there is magic.  The best magic is cooking food.  If I am angry or depressed, the food I cook just doesn’t taste the same as it does when I am happy, even though I use the same spices and ingredients.”


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He waved that away and looked out of the window sadly.  “I hate my job.  I wish I lived in a world that was magical.”

She snorted, “What?  You actually wish for some evil creatures like the Dementors to exist?”

“Oh dealing with them would be much more fun than being a junior accountant at Patel & Chawla Accountants.  I hate my job,” he said petulantly.  “Do you know what Chawla sir said to me today? …”

He went on droning about how depressing and boring his job was.  She let him speak, as she bustled about in the kitchen, cooking the meal.  The bread machine pinged and the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread made him stop complaining.  He picked up the cat and put it on the floor, and drew his plate forward, taking a huge helping.

There was silence as they ate their meal.  Then he gave a sigh of contentment and said, “I really don’t know how you do it.  Each meal is so tasty.”

“Like I said, cooking is real magic.”

He snorted scornfully.  “If you had magic, you could have got me a great job, a challenge for my intellect.  With that kind of money we could get a cook too.”

She smiled serenely and said, “I like to cook.”

With a patronizing smile he nodded, “Simple chores for a simple intellect.”

She lowered her eyes so that he would not see the anger that blazed in them but her mouth tightened.

He dropped an absent minded kiss on her head and went to the bedroom.

She waved her hand and the door shut noiselessly.  The cat stretched and said, “The man is blind and a pompous fool!”

“I know,” she said with a smile.  “To use his favorite author’s terms, he is such a muggle!”

“How do you tolerate him?”

“Hey he has given us a home.  We need to hide and recover from the last war we were in, so don’t knock it,” she grinned as she magically cleared the kitchen and did the dishes.

“Such tolerant behavior Ayesha” the cat grumbled.

“Nah!  I am not a saint.  I am going to inflict another dreadful working day on him, the poor dear!” she grinned.


 This is in response to the WEEK #53 (5-20-12 to 5-26-12): Pick a Line from a Book and Write from There prompt of GBE2



30 thoughts on “Nitwit Oddment Blubber Tweak

  1. Magic does indeed exist! Awesome and welcome to GBE2, btw. I believe you will love it here. Great group and you are so talented! ?

    • Magic exists. The stories we weave are magic. Thank you for the kind words. I think I am going to like being a part of this group

    • They do. Nitwit: Finding it difficult to grasp something. Ravenclaw’s biggest fear.
      Blubber: Being not courageous/brave enough for something, bursting into tears. Gryffindor’s biggest fear.
      Oddment: Not fitting in, being not good enough for anything, being unworthy. Hufflepuff’s biggest fear.
      Tweak: Being changed, tweaked, persuaded into something they don’t want to. (like being around people from Muggle families, etc.) Slytherin’s biggest fear.

  2. Ah! The cat had her turn and now, I’m going let my tongue stretch to demand, “Why isn’t this being Published!? This No short story, it’s Potent Perceptibility, i.e. – MAGIC! Initially, it was working its mysterious charm, captivating me cerebrally. But then it went on to lure me further, into sheer sinful climax, on conclusion. No, I am far from being satiated, you’ve left me wanting more. On your turf – Reading most definitely, is my Favourite Sin!

    • I think Rowling would have a problem … since it is so inspired by the Potter series. But I had fun writing this

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