I got the power! TZINGA

The boys love energy drinks.  I hate them blech!!!  The damn things taste like cough syrup and I’ll bet my last penny on the fact that they are artificial.  They taste synthetic, they smell synthetic and they look synthetic.  And I am sure they will go inside my stomach and say, “Hellooo digestive power, I am here to F%$# with you!”  And if someone tells me that they give you energy, I respectfully beg to differ.  They taste so bad that they make you shudder and get you out of your comfortable ‘I am so tired I could drop off here’ groove.  And on the top of that, they cost so much!

But now I am a convert!

I drank a whole pouch of lemon Tzinga.  It tasted good.  The packing is somewhat … for the want of a word … interesting.  I mean one is used to tetrapacks and bottles.  This comes in a pouch!   And it is tasty.

(Image from the net, I completely forgot to take a pic before glugging the Lemon Tzinga)

PS : I am sure it has sugar, but we’ll let that slide.  I am really sorry but I did not have the will to check the ingredients – why spoil a good thing?

The best part is that it costs just Rs.20/-

Meherbaan, kadardaan, gaur farmaiye …

Bees rupya – kewal bees rupya

Bees rupya aur itna kuch!

Bacche ki jaan lega kya?

Needless to say I loved it, just the thing for summers!





5 thoughts on “I got the power! TZINGA

  1. 🙂 I am kinda wary of thse energy products as they are too high on caffeine , But I get low sugar so its Good for me 🙂

    and then when you add a shot of vodka in it .. it becomes all the more yummmy ..
    Red bull & vodka a good combination .. maybe when i come to india
    Tzinga & vodka will do goood with lots of ice he he he he 🙂

    ahmm ahmm Am i giving you ideas here or what 🙂

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