Our self created demons

 Warning : Lecture Alert


My family keeps telling me to STFU and not state controversial stuff, but being the kind of person I am, I cant sit on the fence and let things go past me.  I have to take sides.  I have to get into the arena and join the fight.  Its true you know, one grows older and gets more adept at public behavior but the person inside still stays on.

Our biggest self created demon is LOG.  We as a nation believe in collectivism.  Hence what the society says, what relatives say, what neighbours say becomes a huge deal to us.  I was a people pleaser at one time, but when I went through a grim phase in my life when putting food on the table for my children was a huge deal, I realized that public opinion would not fill our stomachs.  Hence now I care a flying f… about what people say.  In fact if they dont like me, it does not affect me at all.

Another huge self created demon is SYSTEM.  I find people blaming just about anything and everything on the system.  I have a huge problem with this since the system is US.  We make the system and we have the power to abide by it, making it stronger, or weakening it by not kowtowing to its demands.

There is yet another malaise that infects us.  We hate successful people and will readily believe the worst of them.  May be their success scares us or embitters us.  It makes us resentful and leaves us with no excuse to slack off and not succeed ourselves.  Celebrity bashing is just an overt manifestation of this malaise.  Deep down we would be happy to believe that the success came through unfair means, so as to justify our own ordinariness.

We are the LOG (people), we make the SYSTEM and we have it in our ownselves to be great and succesful, so why this negativity, this cynicism, this blame game?

Uff enough said.

Jumping off the podium ….


10 thoughts on “Our self created demons

    •  @Juxtatcr Yeah, I see so many people on Twitter and FB indulging in that – blame the system, blame the society, blame the hot shots.  Gosh, one could make a fortune in the time and energy wasted on such activity

  1. Because it’s easier to judge, easier to preach, easier to pretend that we know better and so difficult to be the change we seek.

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