“I am strong, see my muskels” my first born loved to flex his puny biceps and strut around.  He actually looked like a skinny starving waif.  Wrap a tattered dhoti around his midriff and hand him a begging bowl and voila! You would have a poster boy for UN’s third world starving country propoganda posters …

Any mother who has reared sons knows the fascination they have for flaunting their muskels, never mind if it is a puny bicep they are flexing.  In their minds they are G.I. Joes, He Men or even Arnold Schwarzeneger.  Mine thought he was all of them and more.  Yo Joe!

I would dutifully admire them muskels and tell him MY BABY STRONGEST

He needed to hear that, I needed to tell him that convincingly.  That is what strength meant  to us.  I was the mother, he was the son, the alpha male and second born was the baby.  In some ways it is still the same.  We were a unit, our strength was our love for each other, and complete loyalty.  It still is.

What is strength?  I don’t think it is those biceps and the six pack abs.  But show me them muskels and I will drool over them.  I am human ..

Strength is those battle scars we bear, the testimony that we have gone through hell, survived and are ready to fight again.  Those scars may be physical, out in the open for others to see, they may be hidden,buried deep inside, coloring all that we see, think or experience, affecting us emotionally, mentally and psychologically.

Or they may be stretch marks from our pregnancies, the knee that got skinned from a fall in the playground … We endured it, it healed perhaps incompletely leaving a mark.

But we survived, and went on to laugh, play, love and live again, did we not?

The point I am making here is that we all are survivors in this battle called life.  We have gone through pain, walked on hot coals and bear testimony of the ordeal.  We have strength.

So dear reader please let us admire each other, we have been through a lot.

“I am strong, see my muskels”


33 thoughts on “Strength

    •  @Shail That we have Shail, along with the callused heart, bruised and battered but still capable of loving and giving

  1. I wish people made it more of a habit to admire one another for talents, strengths and accomplishments…to lift one another up instead of tearing one another down. I love your positive message. I’m not so great at flexing my muskels-where do boys GET that? Lol!

    •  @AmyMcMunnSchindler Its a boy thing I guess, strut around pretending they are Hercules or Samson.  Mine would love to roll up chart paper, pretend it was a bazooka and go anhilate the world saying “I’ll be back!” like Arnold Schwarzeneger in Terminator

  2. I think you flexed your muskels pretty darned well!  Really like this and you will see, many similarities in my post.  We are of one mind on strength.

  3. I have scars from touching some people’s lives. Some others are given by  forcible emotional mental branding by others. Some visible , mostly invisible. All result of surface wounds. They never could penetrate real deep. you see I am strong, see my muskles.
    More power to us. More strength. 

  4. Little boys are certainly an interesting species. I used to pin an old pillow case to my son’s shoulders every day so he could run around the house being “Super Dan.” I agree that to survive this life, we’ve all got to be strong. There is so much unpredictable thrown at each of us. Plus, as soon as you think you have it soooo bad, you learn of someone else’s problems. Thanks for the visit.

    •  @jlansky My martians, I like to call them.  They were fun to grow up with.  And yes, strength is more the mental and emotional kind, as per me, though I wouldn’t mind having biceps, triceps and a six pack abs.

  5. Little boys sporting their muskels is just sooooooooooooo cuuuuuteee 🙂 would have been great if you posted some pics as well!
    Life, as they say is a constant struggle, and we are the ultimate survivors! The show goes on, the set, the characters, the images might change…

    •  @AkankshaDureja He would kill me if I posted a pic of him bare-chested flexing muskels at the age of 8 😀  He is such a handsome young man now.  We are strong, not because we survive, but because we still open our hearts to love, because we are still vulnerable and we are still givers.

      •  @RituLalit  Haha , By posting the pic, you’ll be making him popular among the ladies here! 😛 Maybe that idea would cool him down!How about a before and after pic?
        Completely agree with you on the love thing 🙂

    •  @danneromero And strut and preen at their reflection in the mirror … they did not see their own selves, they saw a larger than life warrior ready to do battle did they not?

  6. I’m willing to flash the scars by flexing my emotional muskels… they’re what made me what I am… strong :o) Great piece, Ritu, gently deep.

    •  @Gillmojo Oh yes, me too.  All of us are strong.  Just as exercise builds them muskels, surviving emotional upheavals builds the emotional muskels … this is something I’ve learnt in life.  One does not get devastated any more, one just gets up from the floor, brushes off the dirt and moves on

  7. Well said, Phoenix.  Good story and you ended it perfectly, we should admire one another and ourselves. 

    •  @BrendaMoguez Thank you Brenda.  The problem is that we undervalue ourselves, and we need to appreciate ourselves more

  8. Some people don’t appreciate the strength it takes to go through the everyday.. The job you hate but you do because you need the money, the sassy kids who make you want to slap them across hard but you don’t because you want to them to have the comforts and freedom you never did, The pain in going out of the way to help someone for the value they are to you 

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