Of writers and readers

As a writer, it goes with the territory that there will be readers.  But sometimes some readers can demand a bit too much.

When one writes a book, one mentally gears self to go out in the public, smile, shake hands and be nice to readers.  I mean that is what I thought I would do.  Am not strictly the social kind.

I am blunt, honest, not at all inclined to put up with shit.  But still, that did not stop me from telling self that I would ace it.  I am a good person and I do like humanity in general.

I totally blew it today.

Sigh!!!  Why me?

There was a time when an author wrote a novel, sent it to the publisher and then went about living his or her life.  The publisher marketed the book, dealt with queries and such stuff.

Now we have to aggressively market our books, and also encounter human beings of varied hues and attitudes. The writers and readers conundrum.

I recently met a dude on chat … and he thought I owed him!

Excerpts from the chat ….

Chat dude

  • hi ritu hw r u

11 minutes ago

Ritu Lalit (I don’t know this guy but have a book to sell so be polite okay)

  • fine, how r u?

11 minutes ago

Chat dude

  • me fine too…tell me wats up

11 minutes ago

Ritu Lalit (Time waster!)

  • I wont chat … am too busy

10 minutes ago

  • ks no issue just when ever free drop me smthng onurbook

10 minutes ago

Ritu Lalit (Behaving like a grammar nazi)

  • I dont understand
  • what do I drop you on my book?

9 minutes ago

Chat dude

  • hey i said wat is this new book abt …can i read a preface

9 minutes ago

Ritu Lalit (Losing already tenuous grasp on temper and snapping)

  • No preface
  • I dont believe in them

9 minutes ago

Chat dude

  • ok
  • so wat is it all abt hw can 1 get to know wat is store inside

8 minutes ago

Ritu Lalit (Practising mental yoga for calmness)

  • read the book
  • please …
  • I am not going to first work on the book and then explain it on chat

8 minutes ago

Chat dude

  • u must’ve smthng which will be a apetiser kind of thng which will attract the reader

8 minutes ago

Ritu Lalit (Making mental note to self to keep self invisible on chat)

  • No

8 minutes ago

Chat dude

  • hey don;t take it o’wise
  • itsurwish

7 minutes ago

Ritu Lalit (Against better judgement but not being able to resist snapping )

  • u cant disturb authors and say such things
  • either you buy and read
  • or forget it

3 minutes ago

Chat dude

  • totaly but according to me as a reader u shd have smthng on the cover
  • ne ways forget it
  • i’m nt going to disturb authors like this but readers shd not b taken for granted dear

2 minutes ago

Ritu Lalit (Yeah, you own a piece of my ass just becos I wrote a book!  Hello, I don’t think you’ve bought it as yet!)

  • the script on the back cover is what is given as description on Flipkart
  • Neither should authors be taken for granted
  • I have never encountered a reader who tells me I should explain the book on chat

2 minutes ago

Chat dude

  • true very true they’re the CREATIVE lot ne ways
  • i’m nt asking u to explain the book on chat but advertise effectively so that it attracts max readership
Uff Kya zamaana aa gaya hai!
Does this happen to others I wonder, or only me?
Still recovering from this!








4 thoughts on “Of writers and readers

  1. Yes, the book has an intro or a preface on the cover jacket. That is an appetizer. Also one is welcome to to pick up the book and read a couple of pages before actually making the purchase. Ask a friend for recommendation be.. But you can’t just expect privileged treatment

  2. hehe…having an open chat on FB is frustrating, but then its a kind of interaction needed, no? sometimes ppl just want to time-pass :))

    •  @pushpee Time pass by ordering me (literally) to give him a sales pitch about my book :O   Some nerve!

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