The Sexist India

The Sexist India

India, and the entire Asia has always been Sexist.

Our forefathers perhaps were addicted to stacking toys, you know.  They taught us how to label and neatly categorize people, animals, food stuff, crops etc into neat categories.  How orderly!  This gave rise to discrimination, based on stuff like caste, colour, food habits.  If we are non vegetarian, promptly comes the question, do we eat pork?  Tauba tauba beef??? Hey Ram!!!

It doesn’t stop there … we then go ahead and wonder about vegetarians.  Do they eat root vegetables?  OMG!  Garlic and Onions???  Turn up nose and say Hey Bhagwan!

So we have the stacking toy levels

In this climate, consider what happens when the dalits of all dalits, WOMEN start amassing power.  The society runs on dumb labour you see.  In the rural areas, women are the beast of burden.  They bring water from the well, they cook, they work with cow dung to make dung cakes for fuel, forage adjoining woods to get wood for home fires.  Then they make themselves sexually available to the men who own them and bear children.  They also become whipping toys for men to vent their frustrations on.  Such awesome slaves!

It is in the interest of the smooth functioning of this society on keeping this slave labour dumb and suppressed. Rape, acid attacks and such like bestial behavior is just a manifestation of this.

Urbanites need not congratulate themselves on being better.  Women in the urban mileu get up at dawn, fix tiffins, even cook lunch for stay at home elders, venture forth getting pawed and groped on their way to their work places and back.  They buy vegetables and groceries on the way back, rushing home to cook dinner and help their kids with their homework.  Then they make themselves sexually available to the men who own them.  Same story, different setting  …

Men view the society structure as this …

Women are an important piece in the stacking toy which is crucial for a pampered man and his comfort level.  Remove the piece titled women and the upper half falls, the lower half has no manager ….

Consider this, ladies, would you not be upset when one of your valuable asset turns traitor to your cause?  I would be …

So we are facing the backlash! The good news is that we have amassed enough power to make a huge noise.  The bad news is that we will be put down savagely, we will have to fight more fiercely and we shall face betrayal from women too.   The trend has started …

These things are common enough in any war … and war it is.  Outraging on twitter and facebook is fine, but we need teeth, we need a strong movement, we need action.

Sadly we have seen the face of the enemy, it is the face our fathers, brothers and sons wear.






14 thoughts on “The Sexist India

  1. There is one thing I like about your posts. You always go all “gangsta” on the social stigmas of the society. Once again, a good, thought provoking post… especially the “Hey Raam” bits. 🙂 Only if everyone could go like this and eradicate every bullshit like this which is scattered across the country.
    “A Fire will rise.” Yes it would. Soon.

    •  @AmalSingh I wish it does, and yes I am one of the very vocal slogan raising people.  All I need is a captive following whatssay?  Then we could start the fire – to paraphrase Billy Joel’s famous song!
      Hay Rabba, you liked the Hey Raam bits?  LOL glad you appreciate my particular brand of humor

      •  @RituLalit : Yes, we absolutely need a following. I read about the jats in Baghpat ordering women to stop using cellphones and roaming freely. They have even said: “North India will bow to our diktat.” What an insufferable lot!? And the government is keeping mum because that’s where the votes are, jats constituting 17% of UP’s population.
        As for your brand of humour… 😛 🙂 I actually have no qualms whatsoever eating pork/beef/(any edible product) being a foodie… that is why i found that bit funny, people cringing at anything that violates their comfort zones, especially in food matters 
        Steak is a always a favourite. Medium Rare. 😉 

      •  @AmalSingh Them Jaats ewww.  Let me tell you its just a matter of time, their Jaatnis are gonna screw up their happiness, sooner than they expect.  One of them said it very tellingly, our men lack the moral fiber!  I wanted to say I hear you sistah, so do our elected leaders!
        As to the food … me neither!  I come from a Jain family, and I find the premise that God is interested more in what I put in my stomach rather than my immortal soul quite surprising.  I am omnivorous, I draw a line at cannibalism though!

  2. You have put this point across really well in your post. The Guwahati incident was the worst from this lot…It is a real shame…

    •  @Lazy Pineapple The Guwahati incident was widely reported.  How many such incidents are not reported?  
      And the acid attacks …. punishment rapes?

      •  @RituLalit Yes these things are happening everywhere around us but our society and administration is such that if you wish to raise a voice against it…the police and other people in power will harass you…so you are ultimately left with nothing but to sit in your home and write about it…

  3. very well depicted… i guess men are nothing without women and vice versa… even though men take it for granted to have caring pampering women around ….

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