India Untravelled … simply gorgeous

Some time ago I won a holiday package from Indiblogger … sponsored by India Untravelled. For months on end I kept day dreaming about the holiday – but doing little else. Like every one else in the rat race, I do think that the bosses should not realize how redundant I really am and hire a cheaper person to replace me ūüėČ

Well then Hilawi was released and I got introduced into the world of book clubs and book readings. And I was given a spot at the literary fair held by Reliance Time Out in Bangalore. Two simply lovely things together. I promptly informed the resourceful and dynamic Shivya Nath of India Untravelled that I would take the Wynad and Kannur package. I also checked the dates from my publisher and booked two tickets by Rajdhani to travel to Bangalore.

What? What? It is the first really long vacation I was taking in ten years. I was not about to ruin it with a frantic and fast flight. I was going to take a leisurely trip – and believe me, Rajdhani first class is the way to travel, unhurried, and simply slothful. They feed you to the gills and pamper you! ¬†And Kid#2 I was not being cheap —- sniff!!

Disaster No. 1 struck … for reasons I still don’t understand, Reliance Time Out gave my slot to someone else – so the publishers tell me. ¬†It riled me and then I decided to re-invent. ¬†A book reading I was travelling for and a book reading I would have! ¬†I rang up Monika Manchanda and she agreed to set it up for me! ¬†Thanks Monika!

So me and Kid#2 set forth bravely.  The first night on the train, our neighbours got robbed. We nearly did too. The thief tried to enter our cabin, but Kid#2, my partner-in-crime oops travel was up chatting on the net.  Hence we had a miraculous escape.  Disaster No. 2 .. a near escape.  Of course if we chart a course through India untravelled we shall experience such things!

And then from Bangalore we took a bus to Wynad, a place which took my breath away.  Kerala is lush, green and completely gorgeous.  In Wynad we stayed in a bamboo cottage on stilts with rampways to take us to the cottage.  It was situated in the middle of a coffee and tapioca plantation.  It was mind blowing.  Of course my son was fascinated by the structural merits of the cottage.  He was studying the construction and even testing the stilts!  Gah!  Engineers!

Kartik studying the rampway for structural details


Please to note the coffee bushes behind him, which he completely ignored!

In north India, we are all holed up inside our houses.  Not so in Kerala.  The back balcony  of the cottage had a wooden bench running round it, and we made good use of it.  The advantages of such beautiful weather!

We also learnt of a wonderful concept called “Homestay” which I really like. ¬†This bamboo cottage was on the land of a wonderful couple, Sunil and Reema, who looked after us, fed us home made food – some dishes which were completely new to me, simple tasty and ¬†light. ¬†They also advised us on the things we needed to see at Wynad like the wild life sanctuary, Asia’s second largest dam called Banasura and a Bamboo Village.

Will upload those pictures on the next blogpost

View of the coffee plantation in which we lived


12 thoughts on “India Untravelled … simply gorgeous

    • Yes Hrishi its been a wonderful trip so far. And you know what? We actually saw the thief! Only we did not know he was one. That we got to know after the people in the next coupe woke up and created the commotion

  1. I’m glad you had a good trip, Ritu. Nothing compares to train travel, does it? However, I must admit I’ve never had such an adventurous train journey as you have – complete with robbers et al! We’ve been wondering about doing a home stay – it seems like you would recommend it, right?

    • Yes I would. It makes the entire experience complete, you interact with the locals, eat their food and also get tips from them

  2. Brings back so many memories! I remember sitting in that balcony, staring out at the coffee shrubs, thinking I could live here for a long time. One of the reasons I love Kerala ūüôā

    • Shivya, Kerala is truly beautiful. My eyes were dazzled with the lush green in Wynad. In Kannur our parched skins soaked in the moisture … we have comfort in Delhi but quality of life is in these places, not in Delhi

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