When north meets south : India Untravelled Part II

Day 2 at Wynad, on our way to the Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary


Kid#2 after unsuccessfully trying to make himself understood to the driver : Are we still in India?  Why does he not understand me?

Me : Because he does not know Hindi.  Try English

He does and gets better results and says in a surprised tone : Damn!  Hindi is our national language, so why does he not understand?

Me : Because he does not need to learn it.  Every one here speaks Tamil

Kid#2 : After thinking this out : So Tamil is the language here?

Me : No, there are many, Tamil, Telegu, Kanadda, Konkani, Malayalam and may be a few more …

Kid#2 :  Hindi works wherever you go in North India.  We have no other language.

Me : Bull!  We have many … Braj, Haryanavi, Punjabi, Dogri, Rajasthani etc etc

Kid#2 : But every one understands Hindi.  Do people here have a common language?

Me : Hating to admit it but … : I don’t know

Silence for a while …

Kid#2 : I feel I am foreign here, people eat stuff I did not know about, people wear clothes which are strange

Me : Whaaat??? What strange clothes

Kid#2 : I have never seen so many people wearing dhotis and sporting moustaches in the north

He is right you know


Something about India Untravelled

India Untravelled is a social enterprise that aims to bridge the marketing gap between socially responsible rural tourism offerings in India & urban travellers looking for authentic experiences


8 thoughts on “When north meets south : India Untravelled Part II

  1. Interesting conversations with him. I have been told that Dhotis are called the thermometers of the south, the higher the temp, the higher they go up.. More pics please

    • Amazing! Funny how we are told that we are neglecting Hindi which is so bad because it is our national language. Now I have a telling rejoinder for such people

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