Wynad : Elephants and the strange case of dying batteries

India Untravelled Part 3


Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary is a treat.  It is lush green and has dirt tracts running through sandalwood and eucalyptus forests.  We woke up at (gasp) 5 a.m. and went to the sanctuary in a jeep.  Apparently they allow only 30 jeeps into the sanctuary, to preserve its ecology.  I did not mind, surprise surprise.  Why no one would, you know.  One shot of their extra fresh extra strong coffee and everything seems do-able.  So I glugged coffee and said, “Yeah bring it on!”  So did Kid#2

We were there at daybreak.  The drive was bumpy and the forest unbelievably lush and beautiful.


Bee Hives on tall trees


Wall paper material


More wall paper material


Wild elephant at a distance


Herd of wild elephants


We also saw spotted deer but they fled before we could take pictures

And then my camera battery died.  We wanted to take pics at the Banasura Dam which is the second largest dam in Asia.  So we bought 6 batteries and I climbed a huge flight of stairs.  It killed me and then disaster struck.  The batteries were dead.  Nicely packed completely sealed Nippo batteries but dead as a dodo.   What a disappointment.  My knees still ache, but we did not get pictures.

We thought that perhaps the damn batteries were past their expiry day or something.  So we contented ourselves by clicking pics on Kid#2’s mobile.

Once we got out of Banasura we went to Lake Pookot, after buying more batteries … which were dead too.

Now we knew we were being cheated by an entirely indigenous Wynadi cottage industry which was resealing and selling used batteries.  With great difficulty we found some batteries that worked.  Phew, back in business.

Me exhausted … Lake Pookot

Kid #2 still looking fresh, damn it!

And then we went and slept.  Next day Kannur and the beach!


14 thoughts on “Wynad : Elephants and the strange case of dying batteries

  1. What a bummer, the batteries dying out on you. Oh wait, they were selling used batteries? OMG! What a way to swindle visitors eager to click pics!
    Beautiful pictures. 🙂

    • Hehehe, it is funny in retrospect, but at that time I was angry. Imagine climbing that huge flight of stairs, huffing and puffing…. sitting down on the bench in front of the dam and trying all the batteries pair by pair and finding that none work! And then having to climb down that huge flight of stairs on knees that seriously hurt by then … painful

    • Sunil, now you can warn everyone at your resort to carry extra batteries! We actually deputed the driver with instructions “Get batteries that work!” and he did that

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