Kannur : Unspoilt Beaches

Kannur : India Untravelled Continued


We are spoilt Delhi people, living in a land locked city.  Wynad showed us how green our country is, Kannur showed us how wonderful the beaches are.  However, the transfer from Wynad to Kannur was horrible.  The resort people in Wynad put us on a local bus, which had no suspension to talk about.  So we arrived in Kannur bone weary and tired, to this view

This brought fresh energy into our bodies and smiles to our faces, …. And Kid#2 became a beach boy

Of course my wonderful son wanted to go native and climb coconut trees!


I must tell the India Untravelled people that the stay at Kannur was much better than Wynad, and a lot of my feeling of positivity comes from the absolutely warm hospitality of our wonderful host Indu of Blue Mermaid.  The food was excellent, the sight seeing trips were well planned, and Indu .. bless her warm heart, was such a interactive and caring host, and an amazing cook!  Loved the stay in Kannur.

We visited a place where handloom was being woven and went crazy buying stuff

Here is a woman weaving a rug

We also went to Saargalaya which is a craft village.  It was scenic, a group of red roofed huts around a lake where people were weaving, threading beads, painting with oil paintings.  It was lovely

View of the lake at Saargalaya

Picturesque …

More at Saargalaya

View of the scenic Saargalaya artisan village

Kannur is a place I will definitely visit again, its beautiful and the food Indu fed us was wonderful

Our last meal in Kannur with our hostess, Indu of Blue Mermaid


12 thoughts on “Kannur : Unspoilt Beaches

    • Its simply gorgeous, unspoilt beach, the Arabian sea spread out in front, waves lapping the shores … Oh I wish I could live there forever

  1. I love getting to see this all through your posting. And there’s something about the delight visible on your son’s face. I love kids on vacation, even older ones. The world just gushes through them.

    • He was delighted 😀 And he was so much a (ahem) grown up protective man, looking out for me. My baby is all grown up

  2. We been to Blue Mermaid Home-stay in 2012…One of the Best Outing across Southern part of India ! Indu is startlingly impressive always ….Whole resort is developed and managed by a single lady, off course Indu.. Best Food, Best arrangements, Cost effective, Amazing camp fire & memorable see off by Team BM \,,/ Have real ‘memories’ tied with 🙂 ! Thanks to Indu, Krishna and Team for unforgettable moments 🙂

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