Of book reading and autorickshaws

The book reading was on 24th of August … so sadly we had to leave Kerala

Bangalore was fun of a different type.  Kid#2 was happy, really really happy to reach someplace urban.  So much for my dreams of selling everything in Delhi and spending the rest of my life growing coffee or being a beach bum!

Jab main badi ho jaungi main yehi karungi

Translation (When I grow up, I will do it, yes I will, so there!)

The book reading was at Atta Galatta, which is really a picturesque store, but more about that later.

First, I must tell you that we got rooked.  Imagine urban folk who live in NCR getting rooked the moment they encounter a auto rickshaw driver in another town?  Ha ha, it was a hoot.  He offloaded us in the middle of nowhere, insisting that we had reached our destination.  Much excitement later we reached Atta Galatta, a three storey bakery cum bookshop run  by a very warm couple, Sankar and Lakshmi.  If in Bangalore, I recommend thati you visit this wonderful place. It is a beautifully well designed place, tranquil and nice.

And then I realized that I had left my camera in the hotel.  Thankfully the realization came before Monika left her home so I asked her to get her camera.  She got that and also these goodies

Nutella cupcakes .. drool

Some pics Monika clicked


Nothing like catching em young is there ?

Some of the audience


I like this pic, am going to make a blog header of it

Thanks Monika for the cupcakes, pics and all the support.  BTW I took your advise and hit the restaurants in Bangalore.  Chianti was awesomely divine.  We dined there, we also went to Thulp for breakfast and had the sunday buffet at Fisherman’s Wharf.  My Kid#2 kept bringing up your advise any time I spoke of Benergatta and other sight seeing places around Bangalore.  I caved in and am glad I did


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