Of 500 million friends and a few enemies

“You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”  

The Social Network

I learnt today that someone said nice things about my book to my face, and wrote nice things about my book.  But this person was saying another thing – verbally to a common friend.

It first surprised me and shocked me.  If you don’t like my work, say it out openly.  Please do … it is easy and honest.

Then I thought it over and realized a few things.

1. I need to thank the person … spoken words are impermanent.  The written will endure.  Thanks mate!

2. I have arrived!  I inspire hate and envy.  Oh boy, I am a diva!.

3. I have enemies.  How cool is that?

Thank you

This quote needs a repeat …

“You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”  

The Social Network


36 thoughts on “Of 500 million friends and a few enemies

  1. Even the definition of enemy is relative.Ritu,stop flogging yourself over every written or spoken word.life has taught me that A defensive person is an insecure person.

    • True that! The mind boggles at blatant two-facedness. Especially of the moronic variety. The critic knows I am friends with this other person!

  2. I know where this is coming from 🙂
    The days of honest feedback are long gone I feel – these days its all about being nice on the face and being bitchy behind the back – fortunately or unfortunately that’s an art I am yet to master 😛

    • Me too. I go the other way, I am bitchy – period. I dont much care if it is to the face or not. Jo kehna hai, keh daalungi

    • Seems like it. I could deal better with corrective criticism though … back biting is hard to deal with. I now have to learn the art

  3. Hi Ritu,

    I haven’t read your book but have heard about it. As long as you know you are right, you don’t have to bother about anyone, a…n….y…o….n…e.
    Be true to yourself. That is all that matters. Let the others bitch, whine or whatever.
    All the very best for your literary endeavors.
    Shail Raghuvanshi

    • I hope you do read my book Shail 🙂 Thing is I am a straight talker and a doer. I get confused with two faced behavior. It really took me aback for a bit i.e. until I sorted it out in my head. Now I am okay

  4. Oh yes!!
    Arrived, ramp walked and kicking away the heels at anyone who tries bringing you done!

    Haters are Confused, Jealous, Inconspicuous Admirers!
    And if u have them it only reflects your visibility and aura!
    Bling! Bling! 🙂

  5. Completely agree!! That person is definitely suffering from jealousy, otherwise why would some one say something nice to your face and something nasty behind your back!! You definitely have arrived!! 😀

    • Yes. A sad commentary on the human race. Some poeple build our own tiny thrones and when someone with more talent is just doing nothing more than making their own space, running his or her own race, they feel threatened

  6. Right you do one thing all those enemies forward them over to me , I dont mind adding some to my list .. as such its a huge one .. 🙂

    dont let what IDIOTS say bother you that much..

    I believe that even if their is just one person who thinks highly of you, appreciates your work, and considers you and your work Good .. then thats JOB WELL DONE .. and that one person you have always “ME” 🙂 so chillax I am waiting for that day when i turn up with the book and have it signed by you.. because for me you are a celebrity since the first book got launched …

  7. You have two published books …you have well and truly arrived… if a few want to bark, thats their issue. There is no one individual in creation who has not found himself maligned by someone or the other – its just how we react to it that defines us.
    My first time here too…will be back 😀

  8. I am hearing too much of such things these days. Saying something on your face and something else behind your back… as if it the the fad.
    Makes me wonder how do people do that! I mean being nice to someone you know is one thing but writing nice things and then saying the opposite to someone else?? Kaise karte hain log???
    So, now when someone writes something nice abt us, do we feel good about it or do we wait to see if the written words were truly meant!

    • I honestly don’t know. And truly speaking now that I have vented, I truly do not care. So long as it gives me joy to write my fiction and there are readers for it, why should I agonize about someone who does not have the balls to say what he/she wants to – to my face? It will take me away from the thing that gives me so much fulfilment – writing my stories for the readers who truly appreciate.

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