Dear God ji, I want to be born a woman again

The belief in reincarnation is implicit in our faith.  We seem to have this blind faith that we will not get it right the first time, or even many times, and are doomed to take birth again… and again … and again

Talk about failing so many times in the same class.  At least the gizmos, the technology and stuff changes – or one so hopes.

But do we get to be born as the same sex or even human again?  I kind of hope so.  Hence the prayer :

Dear God ji I want to be born a woman again.

Here I am not being original, we even have a  soap called “Agley Janam Mujhe Bitiya hi Keejo”

I don’t have anything against men.  I am as heterosexual as they come, and I appreciate my sons, who are very masculine, uff they are men, what to do.  In fact if they think I am going out of limits or DIL is, they don’t hesitate to air their views, in no uncertain terms.

It is just that in my world view women hold the centre stage.  Helen of Troy caused a huge war.  Cleopatra was one kickass queen.  Draupadi is far more interesting than the rest of the characters.  Mayhem, blood anarchy … it is just what my soul craves for.  No – not to be in the thick of the fight, but to be the cause of it, perhaps.

I find Ma Kali the most fascinating of all the gods in the pantheon. I am her huge fan, all my prayers are addressed to this epitome of female strength.

Women power … The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

The patriarchy and the Khaaps fear us, and rightly so.  We are the power that moves them, we are the sex that gives birth to the next generation and we are what they desire.  Yayyy to womanhood.

Having said that, recently I have had issues with someone I call the Mother-in-law from Hell.  Of course this person pretends to be

1. Not a Mother in Law

2. Not a woman (at times)

3. A crusader

I take objection.  I love being a woman, am proud to be one

I have a very high opinion of women, they are ferocious when messed with. Darling Crusader, admit it – you are female.  And your little toy/puppet/son has left you for his wife.  And its got your goat.  Your ferocity is proof enough.  So are the six comments in my spam queue.

Sorry dear, I did not read the six of them, I just skimmed through.  My Papa always told me not to read rubbish.  It pollutes the mind.

I admire your tenaciousness, your ferocity.  In my eyes your pain makes you great, an epic figure.  Kind of like a Greek tragedy where a person immolates himself or herself for a lost cause.

The young will leave the old and build their own nest. It is the universal law.  Will you, like a besotted fool scream in the face of universal laws?

I hope not.  Faaltu ka drama.

You have within you power – female power.  Rise above this and do something great.  Dying of heart-break is not great – it is for silly fools.

Everyone has adversities in life , and everyone has had heart breaks, self included.  So what did we do? We just picked ourselves up and re-invented ourselves.  Women can do that so easily.  We can be girls, mothers, sexy sirens, office workers and so many other things.  Cooks, news reporters … oh the possibility is endless.  The actress in us can be satisfied with the drama of all these roles.

Did I say I love being a woman?  Well I say that once again.  To be a woman in these times is the very best!  Educated, independent and self driven.

Do I sound patronizing?  What to do?  Your big tragedy of sons leaving their parents for wives and their own kids does not sound worth the hullabaloo you create.  It sounds like the mentality of an obsessed stalker.  Do you do that?  Missed calls, anonymous letters, stalking the son and his wife on various social sites, even visiting the son’s office?  Ooops have I given you ideas, dear?

Yes women are bitches too – self included. I love that trait in me.

And I am independent, busy and do not like being spammed by comments like yours.  I do not like being called names, especially by rank strangers who are pathetic losers and do not have the guts to write under their own names.  Pathetic cowards.


1. I am single, I have not met any man who can convince me to sacrifice my precious independence.  Son Snatcher I am not!  I decided my ex hubby was not worth fighting for.  He could continue to be his darling mother’s infant.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

2. I built my own home, with my own money, and gave my sons a loving home.  I can not be called a home breaker.

3. The third letter called me EVIL WOMAN.  Hmmmm I kind of like that.  It has a certain zing to it, power even.  Good is insipid and does not have the same fire does it?  So thank you.

Furthermore, I am a proud woman, and I will report any malicious mails that slander me and my family henceforth to the cyber crime cell.  Consider yourself warned.  I don’t make empty threats.  I am tenacious and definitely more in touch with my power than you and do not lack courage.

I blog under my name, I do not hide behind identities and send stupid mails to people. I stand by my word.

I am a woman and love being one.


Dear God ji!  This navratri, I pray for the feminine strength of Ma Kali.  I have found my rakshasa (demon) to slay.  And yes, agley janam mujhe bitiya hi keejo.

Yours truly

The One and Only Ritu Lalit



39 thoughts on “Dear God ji, I want to be born a woman again

  1. Cheers to Women Power!
    I just loved this post! This is the best time to be a woman, though there is still a long way to go, for many.

    Dear Crusarder,
    I am shocked that you don’t have anything better to do rather than writing huge letters to people you don’t even know. I suggest, better you start a blog and exercise your freedom of expression there. You might even find some like minded b****es there.

  2. Oh Bravo !
    Don”t get mad, Get even” is what you told me once Ritu …yeah I know what you mean now 😛
    And BTW dear crusader – I am sure you are reading this so one more malicious comment on my blog lady and I join Ritu in reporting you to the cyber crime cell !

    • Thank you Arvind. All women have fire inside them … and anyone who attacks them or spreads canards about them know it very well. This one attacked me personally … can’t let that pass by without returning the compliment

  3. You know, if people can stalk strangers on the net, call them names, dig up old blogs, make nasty comments on them etc, I shudder to think what they do in real life.

    • Stalk their sons, complain to their sons’ bosses in office, spread malicious gossip about their daughter in laws, leave nasty comments on social websites on their walls, ring up ex girlfriends of the son and invite them home, call daughter in laws’ far flung relatives overseas and complain about her to them … oh yes, I am not exaggerating. This is just a fraction of the things they do.

  4. Dear Ritu, I have seen you at other blogs but somehow never really landed here, except today, and your prayer brought me here.. Glad it did, glad I got to read this post, and somehow, knowing how you have stood up for your dignity in life, chose happiness and rebuilt your life gives me courage…
    About these MILs, I just have one sentence, which I have always said, “An MIL can never be a mother to her daughter-in-law.” This is in due respect to all the MILs who also love their DILs, but this is a rare breed.

    • Punam, one can always rebuild life. There is always time if you have the desire to … the only time one is out of time is when one is dead. Oh I love my DIL, but I am a mother in law. I will never be her mother – how can I? Her mother is the lady who gave her birth, and shaped her psyche. Somewhere – always – there will be that slight distance, we do not share the same bonding. We have built another very different bonding, which is good too.

      • And so it is, Ritu – which suddenly made me realise your blog name ‘PhoenixRitu’ .. describes it perfectly… And yes, true.. the bonding between an MIL and DIL is entirely different and as long as it is based on mutual respect and understanding, it should be fine.. love and likes will follow..

      • I am inspired by the phoenix. It’s birth from ashes is something that made me persist when I was low. Yes, bonding happens, so long as both the women try, and why not? We both love the son … we are bound to have similar traits

    • 😀 Sagarika, I had fun. Its been a long time since someone aroused the anger in me. I needed to breathe fire, I guess. This one pushed quite a few of my buttons, stupid %$#&. And yes, agley janam lets be friends again

  5. Loved the fire and grit that was displayed in this post. Ritu ji, maan gaye. You are an inspiration. It’s just wonderful when women rise up to know themselves and are proud about it. Your attitude to life and everything else is just so infectious and wow. PROUD to know you 🙂

    Joy always,

    • Thank you Susan. I dislike cowardice and this woman is hiding behind a name. Maa ka doodh piya hai to bahar nikal, ho jaye do do haath!

  6. One mustn’t feed the trolls.. Very few ofthese crusaders on reading such things will realize the errors, and then move on to try and correct their thoughts.. The restwill just get nothing

    • @Hrishi, I am not scared of fighting. The only people who can get me to back off or compromise are my sons and DIL, I love them too dearly. The rest … they better back off, especially when I know I am right

      • I know you’re not scared of fighting,.. People like you are never are.. people who are not apologetic for being right… I never meant to say that ..

      • Arrey koi na, Hrishi. Now the temper is under control. I am patient, mostly, but have a very low threshold for unreasonableness

  7. Your writing is like bhut jolokia. It hits you only after you’ve finished reading it. And when it does, by God ki kasam, it has you running for the fire extinguisher!

    Tussi great ho, Ritu jee.

    • Thank you Purba. Bhut Jolakia … 😆 I like that, small and fiery! Oh she pushed a lot of buttons – this woman. It has been a long time since something roused my temper so much

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    • Yes, she left reams and reams of obnoxious prose on mine, on Shail’s and Ruchira’s. Gosh, she needs some work, seriously

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