The Destiny of Shaitan : A Book Review

I “friended” (how I hate that word; it is apt and yet so wrong!) Laxmi Hariharan after Hilawi came out. Both of us draw our literary inspiration from myths of our Goddesses and Amar Chitra Katha and we found a common ground. When her “Destiny of Shaitan” was being launched I signed up for a book tour and give-away.

Tiina, Yudi and Rai are half lives (human and alien hybrids) who are on a “save the universe” quest that takes them on a wild trip of various planets. They are on a mission to destroy Shaitan who like Dath Vader conquers planets and destroys them. Shaitan has a curse – he will be killed by his own son. So in his quest for his killer, he conquers and destroys planets.

The characters I like

1. Tiina – she is one kickass girl. I think the author wants to draw a parallel between her and Parvati. What she comes through is as an aggressive and yet so much a woman.

2. Yudi – The name is Yudhisthir, but he is definitely not as priggish as his namesake, and does not have that colossal ego either

3. Mimir – a cross between Gandolf and Dumbledore and oh so endearing. I kind of like the touch of someone Godlike watching the main leads’ backs.

4. Shaitan – I always like the bad guy (yeah I know I have problems; which is why I never remarried!) He is tragic; his curse makes him so vulnerable. He wants to love, wants to be a daddy and play with his sons, but is doomed to not enjoy both his wife and his son.

The curse is not a new concept; Greek mythology has already used the idea. Oedepus King of Thebes killed his father King Laius, even though Laius knew about the curse and maimed the infant Oedipus and had him left exposed on the mountain to subvert what was destined, failing miserably. The author draws from the myth and yet gives it her touch, as she does with the myth of Maya.

I will not elaborate more, I leave it to the readers to discover. What I am pointing out is that the tales are there, for the taking. But I love the way Laxmi has made them her own. I wish the action and the climax was more detailed. It is a failing which I am guilty of too. The wrap up happens too fast. As a reader it gives me the feeling of a hurried meal, when the body and soul craves for a leisurely one.

All in all an interesting book, definitely worth reading.

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4 thoughts on “The Destiny of Shaitan : A Book Review

  1. Hi Ritu, thank you for reading read & review The Destiny of Shaitan. You are one awesome lady – an inspiration, and I am so glad I ‘friended’ you heheheh! I am guilty of racing to the finish… somehow I love action – comes with being an Young Adult forever! With Return to 7 Islands, #2, Chronicle of The Three, the next in the series, I am going to make sure I delve deeper into the character of Tiina, and share all about what makes her tick… It was only when I finished ‘Shaitan’ I realised that actually Tiina is in search of herself & her roots… but afraid there is a nasty surprise waiting for her:) Big Hug!!!
    PS. saw this movie called Margaret with Anna Paquin, in which she is a seventeen year old who emotions swing wildly back and forth, over the place. And my husband turned to me accusingly “Just like you” heheh! You gotta watch it, you’d love it.

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