Happy Diwali to One and All

Our office is a very Hindu one – any more Hindu we would have been issued saffron uniforms 😛

Just kidding

We have navratri pujan in the office. Everyone gathers in the huge reception, where a havan kund is installed and havan is held – twice a year on navratri. Our Sikh, Christian and Islamic brethren join in. Communal harmony in action.

I love it. Just like I love the gaudy colours of Hinduism, marigold, saffron, red, magenta, gold and bling.

Rituals and all are fun, but I don’t get too emotional about them. I love the festivities. I like Christmas trees, Santa, the little hanumans who paint themselves and wear a tail and come to fair grounds. The little Krishnas lovingly decorated by proud Mamas for pageants.

To me, my Godji is the one I talk to nonstop and never hear the dreaded line “RITU SHUT UP!”

Anyone who can hear me blathering and never say that, even once, is truly divine!

Some pics of the office all dressed up for Diwali



Oh how I love the festival!

And how thankful I am for the inflation. There are less crackers and pollution thanks to our Government which has slept when it should have checked the galloping rise in prices.

Thanks to them the festival is all about lights, chocolates, mithai and shopping.

Just the way it should be.

So guys wish you all a very happy Diwali


15 thoughts on “Happy Diwali to One and All

  1. Wish you and your family a very happy Diwali. I enjoyed reading your post on the “panchkanya” and also the link that you have generously shared. Loved the perspective and the analysis. Thank you.

    • That link is truly awesome. I do not have so much knowledge as the good writer of that post is. I learnt a lot from that post, sadly I had written mine before I read it. Glad you enjoyed it.

      Happy Diwali

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