My bete noir, the sari

November – December in my mind is equated with the sari. So many big fat Indian weddings to attend – that too in the native dress. I always wonder why one has to have weddings in winters – that too in Dilli Ki Sardi? The area between the blouse and the sari is bare and freezes. Moreover all weddings are in farm houses and one stands in flimsy heels on dew damp grass and the cold just seeps in. You want to go pee and the walk to the loo away from whichever heater or angeethi that you have cornered a space near has to be relinquished.

Yeah you got that right – I would rather not wear a sari. And my niece is getting married on Sunday 😦 Le Sigh ….

My bete noir with the sari is old and long standing. We can’t live with each other and we cant live without each other. To add injury to insult, apparently (judging by the compliments I regularly get when I wear one) we look great together.

It all started on the school farewell we were hosting for our seniors. We girls decided we would wear a sari. It did not work well. In the middle of the party, someone stepped on it and it fell. None of us girls knew how to re-drape the damn thing. So I made the best of it. I stuffed the sari into my school bag and partied in a choli and petticoat. Oh I wore somebody’s dupatta which matched the petticoat. the ultimate jugaad, the attire looked like a lehenga choli, I don’t care what Ma said later when I landed up home in the evening, it looked very chic.

The next time I wore a sari was when I got married (my third wedding). The first was the court thingy the second an elopement, both of which happened in jeans and tees. Nah the elopement thingy happened in a churidaar kameez.

Well the third was with parental blessing, and the parlour waali did solid jugaad – I had told her about the school leaving fiasco. She simply stitched the sari to the petticoat to ensure that I did not have a wardrobe malfunction. Then she stitched a jooda to my boy cut hair. Man! Did I have to work hard to get undressed later!

Over the years I have learnt how to wear the sari, I manage to carry it with panache too. But I still have a fear that the dratted thing will fall off in public.

My niece … actually she is ex’s niece but we are friendly sent me this pic from my youthful days. I think I look good – but would have looked better in jeans …


22 thoughts on “My bete noir, the sari

  1. Now that’s a lovely pic !
    I love wearing sarees – But have worn one only a few times in my life ! For family weddings I always end up going for lehngas and lacchas and salwar kameezes πŸ˜›

  2. I have been putting off sari for any event or party but i guess I have to learn it now that my mother has finally convinced me that I would look better in sari that any thing else !

    • Beware! You are falling into the trap of “oh sari is such an elegant attire”. All I can say is anything that is such hard work draping and keeping on better be!

    • I have a lot of them. On days when I am at my most rebellious and bratty best I promise myself that I will dump them on my tailor to stitch kurtis out of them – all of them! Then I will have wearable clothes. Haven’t done that as yet …

  3. Heheh…Now, I want to see a pic of yours after this wedding in sari… πŸ™‚ After I got married, when I went to my in laws place, I would wear my blouse and petticoat and stand in front of my MIL to tie my sari.. πŸ˜› Silly, huh?? And she used to πŸ™‚

  4. My wife hates wearing sari. Everytime she has to wear one to her school on special occasions, you won’t believe the storm that hits our house. I have to get up early to help with the draping. Now I wish this thing was never invented.

    • I simply take the sari and choli and land up at the parlour. They do a far better job at draping it on me than I ever could

  5. You do look good in a sari, Ritu. However I can understand why you wouldn’t want the nuisance of them. I can’t believe that I used to wear saris quite often to work. Now I avoid them even for formal functions. The last time I wore one was for my wedding – that’s six years ago.

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