An open letter to social activists, law makers and law enforcers

Dear Social Activists,

We know you have the interests of the rights of the downtrodden. We have watched with interest your vociferous speeches on the crimes supposedly committed by Mr. Narender Modi.

We have also watched your spirited defense of Mohammad Afsal, the bloke who master-minded the storming of the citadel of our vibrant democracy, the Parliament.

Your heart bleeds for the downtrodden, you have given sufficient evidence of that. Why, you even thought that Kasab and Mohammad Afsal deserved to have their sorry arses protected.

I would like to draw your attention to the actual downtrodden of our country, our women. Why has the plight of our women escaped your notice? Why cant you froth in the mouth for them? The most public figures among you are women, and they freak about something that happened in 2002!

Rapes and crimes of violence happen every day and women bear the brunt of it. Oh yes we hear everyone condemning it. Oh no, we don’t expect you to cheer it on. We know its bad and deserves condemnation. What I want to say is that this crime happens here and now. It is not something that happened in 2001 and 2002 etc etc.

And yes, we know the system is at fault. So don’t bother telling us that!

What freaks us out is that not one of you came on TV and condemned the rape that happened today in Delhi. Why? Is it because women don’t take a gun and lay siege on a five star hotel? Or because women don’t storm the Parliament?

Do we have to resort to violence in order to deserve human rights to swing into action?

May be we should. It will draw your attention to our plight.

Women are humans too. We have rights. We would like some help in protecting our rights to travel by bus, to walk on roads.

Will you help us?

Or do you think it won’t give you political mileage?

I hope you don’t dismiss this as words of a “mere woman”

Waiting for you to react to this plea


Dear Law Makers

I remember watching the Lokpal Bill debate with interest. I heard Laloo Ji say, with a lot of arrogance or may be I got it wrong, I should say conviction


I request you most humbly to make laws that will protect women

I request you to cast a glance at your Z security cover and ask yourself if you really need it? Spare the police force. Let it do actual policing.



Dear Law Enforcers

Are you there? Or am I addressing an extinct species?



24 thoughts on “An open letter to social activists, law makers and law enforcers

      • Change comes from within. The sadistic self of male has to be denigrated and the menfolk with such heinous attitude must undergo rehabilitation as they are psychopaths in need of rigorous treatment. And if possible an exemplary punishment should be given to these rapists, so that, men will think thrice before committing any such crime in future.

      • Change has to come in every sphere and it will not, so long as women are not perceived as strong, and an influential vote bank. Only then will the attitude of society change


  2. the kanoon is there ritu bhen.. Its the one who have to take care of it who are not upto the JOB.. as usual the whole bloody system stinks and No one to clean it ..

    and yet we say mera bharat mahaan .. disgusting

    dont know if i am right or wrong , BUt I literally feel to pick up a gun and shoot thse people simple .. God know when the average indian or the common indian will wake up and Wake up from the hyporcrasy that is alive out there

    • The law makers and enforcers are just twiddling their thumbs and social activists do not think we are human and have rights. It bothers me

  3. Addressing these people is of no use…cos if the system is the body…these people are the vestigial organs….they merely exist…
    The mob is who should decide the fate of the rapists now!!

  4. The dull ache in my heart refuses to go away. Knowing that my daughter walks the same roads that’s infested by men for whom barbarity is an act of pleasure.

    Delhi is no more the rape capital of the world. It’s now the gang-rape capital and no one is doing a thing about it!

    • I pray for your daughter’s safety Purba, along with the safety of my nieces and young friends of my sons. It is a sad state of affairs

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  7. Ritu,
    What really kills me is that the process of making the existing law stringent was started in 2005 and is still not finalized. 7 bloody years and the jokers cannot tweak a law!
    The point is that with all that z-security, they do not care. It is only when the issue blows out of proportion and shakes the chair on which they sit will they be moved into action. The idiots can’t think beyond their chair.

    • Yes they are supposed to be empathetic, be concerned about the citizens and yet they can not think beyond their own petty concerns. How and when have we allowed this to happen? It has to change

  8. More laws may not be the answer. If only the administration implemented them in the right spirit might we see some change.
    Unfortunately, I feel the problem is much more deep-rooted. When a male child is born, the only woman he is perhaps made to respect is his mother. Everyone else is chicken shit. School, peers, society, no one attempts to change that mindset. As they grow up, some autocorrect through sheer good luck…others become rapists and eve teasers.

    • Sadly this is true. And the mentality of the rapist is sickening. That cretin shoved an iron rod up the girl just because she resisted the rape … she was supposed to welcome it?

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