Gratitude for my Blessings

I normally do an end of the year post, I am a huge fan of gratitude.  I like to count my blessings and drive others who like to see the glass half full nuts.  Its just my thing you know.

Unfortunately, my end-of-the-year was in the Cardiac Care Unit of Asian Hospital, enjoying the hospital’s hospitality – 😀

(I love that term. Have to use that in one of my books.)

Since I missed the chance to dance, party, count my achievements and rain on other’s parade – not that they aren’t doing well -, but they don’t see life just the same way … I’ll spare them.

1. All I will say is HILAWI is a best seller!

2. I have a brand new car! Squeeeeeeeee!

Thank you Godji for everything.

Now that I have done showing off, let me get serious.

A question that has always plagued me … why is it so hard to be happy?  Infants find it so easy.  Burp and laugh.  Poop and kick your podgy feet up in the air, just for the relief of it all and laugh.  See Mom and wave all limbs in the air for the sheer joy of seeing her!

Why do we lose it as we grow older?

One of the first lessons one learns is to hide your joy and achievements, dig a hole so deep and bury them.  Nazar lag jayegi.  The second one we learn is  – you’ll put people off if you talk about your achievements.  It’s showing off.

Is it?

Or is it just a way to thank the heavens for the blessings bestowed on you and taking joy in them?

I believe very strongly in the latter.  I would rather hide my pain and tears than show them.  I would dig a hole so deep in the ground and bury them so that they don’t affect me ever.  If that makes me a Polyanna so be it!  Tears make me headachy and I look a sight when I cry.  I’d rather not inflict that on me and the people around me.

It is my job to keep me happy, no one else’s.  It is my responsibility to keep me positive.  If I don’t do it, no one else will do it for me.

Being miserable, grumbling or harping over something that went wrong is such a downer.

So will put on my dancing shoes, sip my Diet Pepsi (since booze is off the menu for now) smoke an E Cigarette (no smoking either) and dance.

Thank you Godji for giving me life and the zest to enjoy it



29 thoughts on “Gratitude for my Blessings

  1. You my dear are such an inspiration ! Hugs to you !
    “Its my responsibility to keep me positive – I f I don’t do it No one else will” – Golden words !
    And if you keep yourself positive – you just attract more positive things me thinks !

  2. Such a happy way to put it Ritu! You know I have been feeling apprehensive too about sharing the joys in my life, but then we take the good and the bad together don’t we! 🙂 Here’s to more happy days and bucket loads of happiness! Cheers

    • I’d rather keep my sorrows private. Joy has to be shared, laughing and giggling tastes better with people (just like good food) , does it not?

    • Thanks Corinne. Counting one’s blessings is the first step towards abundance. I keep a gratitude diary. When I read it at the end of the year, the joy I get is overwhelming

    • Try it. Its a win-win situation. Either people will be really happy for you, or you’ll piss people off – both situations are good. If they’re happy they’re keepers, if you piss em off, they weren’t your friends any way

  3. That’s the spirit, Ritu. Godji will give us the good and the bad. It is for us to choose to stew in misery or revel in the happiness. Easier said than done but happy to see you make the right choice. Happy for the success of your book and a nifty car :).

  4. so so well said… Its my job to be happy and no one else’s


    New Caar !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 I am a shade of Green ! I am still to get my first ! 😀

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