Ten Shades of Life

A story for every genre …, the Ten shades of Life

A mood for every season …

I short article I wrote for Fablery about my experiences as a Judge



In my experience most authors begin their careers writing short stories and blogs. I did that. It helps begin their writing careers and hone their craft. It helps in getting published and getting publishers to treat their full length manuscripts with respect. It definitely helps if the blog is well liked. The fact that I was a blogger with a following helped me. What also helped publishers take me seriously was because my short stories found place in CBSE text books.


When I was asked by Nethra to judge the short stories for Fablery, I agreed. The premise seemed interesting, a story for every genre. It brings variety to the table. Of course I was spared all the hard work. I was not the “weeder”, a job Nethra kept to herself. She weeded out all the below par and clichéd stories, sending me the cream. I just went through the finalists. Here again, I must say, Nethra did a great job. She mailed me the stories, without the names of the authors, in the interest of fairness. I must say here, that it did not bother me. I love stories and it was a job meant for a person like me.

Read the rest here …


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