To She Who Must Not be Named

A poetic challenge to someone who is trying time and again to make me feel uncomfortable … I affectionately call her “She Who Must Not Be Named”

Feel free to guess who :




Let us not beat around the bush

I did you wrong when I did you a favour

Instead of help I should’ve given you a push

Into the widest and deepest river



Some people do not like gratitude,

They think it is a canine emotion

Envy is more suited to their attitude

And now I’ve become your obsession



Oh you’re itching to pull me down

Somehow I make you feel inferior

But then, I am so important to you

On my defeat you’d build your career



I’m on to you, you silly clown

I’m on to every low down trick

Fighting you would slow me down

So I’d rather use my wit



Bring it on, girl, give it all you have

A fight has to be fought to the finish

Embarrassing photos, pointless bitching

Too pathetic, not worthy of the skirmish


Yes I am a fighter, combat is in my nature

And confrontation is my game

I hereby call you out for an open war

Sneaky tricks are boring, too tame


26 thoughts on “To She Who Must Not be Named

    • If the challenge is accepted, the name shall be named 😀 I just got tired of ignoring the pathetic attempts at grabbing attention

    • I hope … I want to end this, I don’t like back biting and bitching. Come on – lets have it out face to face, dirty and bloody. It really clears the air once and for all

  1. Reminds of the pic I saw on FB, a coffee mug saying ‘Please do not annoy the writer, she may put you in a book and kill you.’
    Someone sounds terribly annoying!!!!
    All the best for your fight. I’m sure you’re winning, if you haven’t won already!!!!

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