Rape of a minor

The recent Delhi rape of a minor reminded me of what happened in December, both in Delhi and also close to my house when Damini was struggling for her life  ….


A six year old was gangraped and left in our neighboring colony – left to die.  Some good Samaritans from our area collected whatever was left of her, a bleeding scrap of womanhood, torn from cunt to ass, stomach badly injured (yes, I will not gloss over facts), and deposited that pitiful heap at the hospital.

Then the tamasha started …

The girl came from a very poor family – surprise surprise!

The boys were from a village close by, and they were unpleasantly shocked that the girl still clung to life.  Why did she not oblige them and die?  Worse – she recognized them.

They were even more intimidated that citizens, the educated and comparatively well off ones cared.

So they looked around and got some local neta (belonging to their caste) into the picture.

The neta tried to bully the doctors into listing the child as a patient who was 22 years old.  Apparently child protection laws are not as lax as the woman protection laws.  The doctors (it was a government hospital) refused, stating that they could not justify the treatment that they were providing the child as the same they would have given a 22 year old in this case.

The neta bullied …

The doctor went on leave rather than argue with the politician.

The child fought for her life, clung on to it grimly, though even a small movement from her made her pee, though some of the intravenous meant to feed her oozed out of her stomach.

Women activists that I had contacted wanted to start a morcha – create a noise.

Backdoor negotiations were going on to hush up the case.  A price was being settled upon.  A price for the life of that abused girl child.  I even heard someone say, “What is left of her, anyway?”

Within a few days of her being taken to the hospital … she was found in the hospital dustbin, dead.

Her parents, migrant labour, were nowhere to be seen.

A janitor told me  with a shrug: “She would have required constant medical help as long as she lived.  Gareeb aadmi, (poor people), how can they afford it?”  I opened my mouth to say something nasty and saw that stony look in his eyes.  How many times had he faced the tyranny of the rich or well connected? And how many times had he been forced to cut his losses in a similar way?

I went out, sat in the car trying to come to terms with what I had seen, just been a part of.  The cold December morning seemed colder, dead, horribly so, like that small thing that had once been a six year old girl playing in the colony… before she was raped.  There was nothing left to do but ring the women activists who had planned a dharna.  There was nothing left to fight for.

It jolted me out of my upper middle class complacency.  We take our safety for granted, we girls/women who belong to the upper classes.  I know we are not safe – but we are much safer than our poor sisters, who have no recourse to “political connections” and the law.

I talked to a cousin who is a family counselor, a psychiatrist, trying to come to terms with something so grim.  She explained that to some men, women are objects.  I knew that!

But did I?  I knew it, like every woman in this country knows it – but we somehow do not want to admit it.  An artist’s representation of what men view women as – yes even a six year old child ….

I have removed the picture since I have no copyright to it, and the owner of the picture objected to the usage without permission.

What was done to that child and the child who was found recently in Delhi is complete objectification.  Use, abuse, throw.  If the girl survives, bad luck.  It will cost some money – which can be paid, and the abusers walk away with impunity.

The police will try to hush up the case – even slap a woman if she protests.  And why should they not?  They have been brought up to think of us as stupid cunts.  How dare a woman raise her voice?  How dare she look me in the eye and challenge me?  If she does, she deserves to be slapped and shown her proper place in the society!

Scene from the protest in Delhi in December



 Nothing has changed ….

We are human and have the right to live lives of dignity. 

A post I had to link here, thanks Priyanka Dey for this very powerful post



70 thoughts on “Rape of a minor

  1. The chilling repetition of the abuse makes my blood run cold. This goes beyond any white hot anger even. What makes men and boys do this? Animals don’t. But yes, it is the human race, and poor disgusting excuses for humans that do, devour, deny, and attempt damage control for themselves in the most inhuman of ways. Lessons learnt? I don’t have it in me even to laugh sarcastically. We’ve reached the dead zone of values; and become inured to such events. My heart goes out to that young soul.

    • You know what is sad? There is hardly any outrage even. We are numb now – nothing has changed. We’ve become so cynical. I saw that child at the hospital, the one I am talking about … she was bitten, torn open, abused in a way I have never seen any human abuse another. It made me ashamed of being a human being

    • I dont know – Oh we can get sickened but we wont fight to change the system … apathetic, that is what we are becoming. I am very saddened

  2. I have children of my own and it gives me nightmares to think this could happen to one of them also. We have to teach our boys to respect women, at least that will give us some hope for a better next generation.

    • My sons are shocked, horrified. They want us to move out of this country – for my safety and that of my daughter in law

      • The biggest problem with us Indians is, we only act when it happens to us. As long as it is a neighbour.. a friend’s friend… a relative’s neighbour… we say we feel sad for them.. but we really don’t care a damn.

  3. Hi Ritu jee,
    This was a horrifying tale, though all of us are aware of the fact this is how it always happens in India. Gareeb aadmi hai, kuchh bhi chalta hai. But questions are even more serious: –
    1. They are kids, five or six years old. Was it her cloth which provoked the rapist?
    2. Was she coming out from a pub at late night?
    3. Was she in a relationship with many men and used to flirt?

    The answer to all these questions is “No”, why was she raped then? My question is directed to all of them who make these excuses and ask these questions whenever there is a rape in this country. We have taken a U-turn and from a women-worshiping country, we have turned to women-objectifying country.

    Yes, nothing will change. It will not change because we don’t want to change it. Every time there is such a case, we start abusing government, media and if the accused happens to be from a specific region, then all citizens of that region (this time, even that is missing). We never, even for few seconds, where do these rapists come from? They are one among us, isn’t it? Part of this society only! Aren’t they learning it from the society itself? Children today are taught to be engineers, doctors, clerks and another money churning machine. But, they are not taught what is the basis of education, morals and ethics. The sense of the good and the bad is lacking and why not, how many parents take a pain to cultivate these things into their kids? Their responsibility ends the moment they have paid the tuition fee of the school. They want their ward to be the topper, but they don’t realize that the topper may not be necessarily be a good human being also.

    If we don’t realize this and change ourselves, Yes, nothing will change.

    • Yes, gareeb aadmi hai, kuch bhi chalta hai. Even the police will not act. And the height of arrogance, they will value their child at Rs.2000/- … just Rs.2000/-

  4. Yes, beyond a point outrage runs so deep that words are inadequate. That perv.s inhabit this country is a well-known fact but what really is converting our country into a sewer is that there are so many so-called ‘leaders’ who have no compunction about taking up the cudgels on behalf of the perv.s

  5. In ‘Conversations with God’ Book II, Walsch talks about monsters and what happens to them after they die. He takes Hitler as an example. The question he asks is- Which hell did Hitler go to?

    The answer was- Hitler didn’t go to hell. There is no hell. Hitler went to heaven- like everyone else.

    There was a long explanation after that. It made sense to me. But then I read something like this and my reason is unseated. I don’t want that explanation to make sense anymore. I want hell… i want punishment and retribution for evil- doers.


  6. rest in peace little girl, this barbaric world did’nt deserve someone as beautiful as you.
    As for the rest of left behind, tell every single man what a woman is and what she can do. teach them the fact that men and women are equal, because if any women out there takes a fall and does not question the cruelty against her, she is not only doing injustice to herself but to the rest of the half a billion of us.
    because it is ultimately our task to ask for the respect we deserve.

  7. These are snippets of daily existence in our country. Raping a minor girl is a serious offence, and topping all,it is sheer crime to forget that in our own family the little children are to be cared and looked after affectionately. How can a father or a brother commit such heinous crime? Shame on them!They put humanity in ignominy!

    • Shame on us, we elect leaders who say “Boys will be boys. They are young, we have to protect them” when deeds as horrible like these are done by these boys

      • Anyone who has listened to the tales of people who lived through the partition knows … we are beasts. None of this western culture bullshit – bestiality is inherent in the human genome

  8. In a country of more than a 100 crores , it probably is impossible for the law imposers to monitor every dark alley where the next henious crime might take place….A sick pervert quenches his desires by tearing apart a infant life….The System is so biased and so corrupt , it probably is impossible to change it all , in a jiffy….Unless we humans imbibe the basic virtues to call ourselves ‘Humans’…..We would see worse days ahead

    • I disagree. I will not condone the fact that the police does not work, it is corrupt and worse – it bullies us and takes us as soft targets

  9. The demons, satans are going around in world so freely. Even govt. is now pointing on girls for being ‘not attentive’ , ‘provocative’.
    Come on! a little child doesn’t know enough to be provocative.
    It’s a torment to see nothing being done about it and how only number of these incidents are increasing and not measures to curb them.

  10. Perhaps, we should go around posting naked female pictures every where until the bastards no longer feel the urge to rape anyone. Make them numb. Reverse psychology.

  11. And I am assuming those local boys are roaming free waiting to do this to their next shikaar? Bravo, India, bravo!
    Let us wait for another foreign nation to come and rule us for another 300 years. Because, we are incapable of shit.

  12. Amazingly horrifying description. It is so sad to see these things happenning so close to us. I”m glad at least you tried do to something. People just read sit over it and erase. Thanks for making some efforts.

    • I kept thinking about those idiots that blame attire, women smoking, being out with male friends, those idiots who blame everyone and everything but the rapist … what did the six year old do? She was just playing while her parents were working in the vicinity

    • I am not cut out to be a social activist, this thing left such an impact on me that I landed up with health problems … It is way too horrific to encounter

      • I actually had to be admitted to the hospital with an impending heart attack … it must have been developing – but this brought it forth

      • Omg, I remember reading about you being in hospital Ritu.. never imagined this was related in some way to such a horrific crime. I just saw the news about a 4-year old being raped in Nagpur…my heart sank. Yet again.

      • I am not tough, I dont think I can go through what I went through when I saw that kid, and later when I learnt that she was thrown in the dustbin to die. I dont have the heart for such things

  13. There is no hope. Such people should be found and punished on the roads in full view. Especially shame them on television so that others doing so fear. We need an ‘Aparichit’ style of justice.

    • I would go a step further … anyone who tries to protect such rapists, for whatever reason, should be treated as a rapist too

      • They should be thrown into the jail along with their husbands – soon no one will try to defend the indefensible

  14. My 4 yr old just came back from India yesterday. When I see her giggling and playing and jumping, she keeps reminding me of the 5 yr old girl…aren’t kids supposed to be happy? Don’t we all deserve to live in peace? What’s this insecurity to live a normal life…and one after the other…why aren’t these perverts not scared of what they are doing? Feel so helpless and shameful…

    • There is no accountability. The laws are in place and are not implemented. That is the problem. The political will and the desire to work in the police is completely missing

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