The Witch Way, Chakra

Chakra banner

I always wanted to be a witch. Not the crone, with a long nose and warts on the face kind of witch. More like Snow White’s step mother, I think Julia Roberts did a nice job in Mirror Mirror.

I never ever wanted to be a damsel in distress. That was so beneath me! I did not want Phantom to leave his cave in Denkali or Mandrake his Xanadu to help me out of the messes I got myself into – oh so frequently. I simply wanted to create those messes, engineer them. And then clamber out of them, wipe my face and say Phew, that was fun!

Kind of like Luna Lovegood.

She can smile and spout completely obscure things that actually make sense.

Consider this, this is not Luna Lovegood’s statement but mine, and I am quite proud of it …

As far as I can tell, worrying about anything at all is a pretty good indicator that one has begun thinking that their joy and prosperity will somehow hinge on pending physical events, other people, or angry green Martians.

Can you imagine?!

Now before you ring up the Lunatic Asylum in Agra or wag a finger at me and say E.T., Phone home, pause and consider …

Does it make sense to look for joy in the future on some vague event that may or may not happen? Or worse still, think your joy depends on someone else?

Now who should phone home?

My book Chakra is about not one or two but three girls who may or may not be grey eyed, but one thing they definitely are, they are witches and a barrel load of trouble.  They follow the Yogi Path (a term they consider unkewl and so have re-named it The Witch Way).

I am in love with the cover – those eyes are mesmerizing.


What do you think?

Leaving you all with a small couplet I used to bug folk with when I was a kid

Which Way did the witch go?
And which witch was it?


16 thoughts on “The Witch Way, Chakra

    • Exactly! If I got into trouble, I had to get out of it … it was as simple as that! By fair means or foul depended on the extent of how deep in I was … and how fast I had to get out of it

      • Intriguing, definitely. Though looking at the colour of the eyes, I am wondering whether that is Aishwarya or Rakhi…
        Of course it could very well be Megan Fox…

      • Colour of the eyes is photoshop 😛 The girl has brown eyes … but my main character has grey ones – hence …

  1. Wow that’s some awesome cover and I always yearned to be a Witch as a kid. The first thing I wanted to visit when I landed in Boston was the famous Salem Witch Museum and felt almost at home there 🙄

    All the best

    • Me too! I think it is a power thing – for once you can do what you want to, and you can scare people

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