Poetry in book titles

A Delhi Mumbai Love Story

A feeling beyond words

It wasn’t love at first sight

Just like in the movies


She was dancing with Maharaja

And then it rained

He desperately wanted to belong

Swore I will love once again


A half baked story it was

It had Everything you desire

Saga of Corporate Attyachar

From cubicles 2 Cabins


He thought if God had a desk job

If God went to B School

He would know of heartbreaks and dreams

Of a Crazy Bloody thing LOV


It happened that night

He had a dream

Love happens like that

When you love life and beer can


God said Careful what you wish for

He woke up happy

you’ll have Everything you Desire

Was what he recalled it as


So he went to her and said

I am Broke! … Love Me

She replied

Beep you!  You Beep Hole


There was more

A Few things Left Unsaid

A Roller Coaster Ride

With a lot of Beeps


Cant cook up a love story

Boundless saga of love

Of Heartbreaks and Dreams

And hence can’t write a best seller




8 thoughts on “Poetry in book titles

  1. You ought to have share the book titles page also here Ritu. 😀

    This is as irreverent as I expected it to be. You tickle and delight always….

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