If music be the food of love

“If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.”
 William ShakespeareTwelfth Night


The old bard nailed it.  There was a time in life when I could hold a tune, passably well.  Well there was a time in life when I could stand on my head and my waist was 20 inches, but those times are long since gone.  So has love … when I do encounter that creature, I am tempted to get out my ancient dissection set and cut it open – just for the heck of it.


No wonder I can’t sing any more.


This coming from a woman whose name featured largely on the DU campus radio.  I had songs dedicated to me, yes sirreee!  I had SONGS dedicated to me.  John Denver’s Annie’s Song was dedicated to me by ex.


Kind of prophetic, considering his marriage to Annie Martel Denver was rocky and did not last.  The guy saw the future I tell ya.  And John Denver… well, wasn’t he who predicted that he’d be leaving on a jet plane?


So music to me meant, until now, listening to old country and classic rock on the drive to work and back home.  That hasn’t lasted.  Junior has a job in the same area as my work place.  That means that he travels with me  …. rather he drives, dumps me at my office, takes the car away and picks me up on the way back.  Yayy for mother and son bonding!  But the generation gap shows.  My choice of music is not his cup of tea, and his choice of music is my cup of poison.


Compromise has been achieved.  We listen to this new-fangled stuff called Podcasts.  Bill Mahr and other wonderful guys entertain us and educate us.  Over the month of so we’ve listened to why religion is totally redundant,  and how stupid the Boston bombers were and now the son has graduated to history lessons.   I know more of the history of Anabaptists and Ghenghis Khan than I ever did.  And guess what?  I don’t even have to write an exam on them!


But then music, I miss the music …


I listen to 9XM and stuff like that when I work out.  It never disappoints.  The beats are so much exercise and pump up the adrenaline kind of stuff.


Until now …


Now we have Babaji Ki Booti and another one called


Raat hai ik whore

Ye maange more

To lut ja slowly slowly


I am willing to experiment … ya think stretches can be done to these tunes?


10 thoughts on “If music be the food of love

    • I draw a line on heavy metal … and I never saw much point in pop or Hindi film music. They sing about love mostly … but thank heavens the trend is evolving. Sometimes you get melody and lyrics together making a wonderful mix

  1. I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff from my kids’s playlists too of late, and we’ve found meeting grounds here and there 🙂 But well, it is fun, sometimes, and the perspectives one shares later, or the info on it that they share too, is educative 😀
    I have a tendency to like a song/singer, and play it on loop, a lot… till I find something else. But Music, as Music is, as Music does, always but always appeals.

    That last song. Seriously? The lyrics? Whew.

  2. Twada Junior is going to pot.Whore ki?
    but i tell you Ritu,songs are so evolved nowdays,they can even teach one about birds and bees.
    Do you feign horror to what junior listens or resist urge to jump out of the car?

    • He listens to heavy rock … and I wear ear plugs. Seriously, birds and bees? What happened to good old fashioned experimentation? Sigh …. everything is so compartmentalized and specialized these days tsk tsk!

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