Book Review: Dinner Date by Ishaan Lalit, Published by Authors Empire Publication

Nice! Great review of Ishaan’s Dinner Date

Books News India by Priyanka Batra Harjai

Title : Dinner Date

Author: Ishaan Lalit

Publisher: Authors Empire Publication

ISBN: 978-81-9264-806-4

Pages: 180

Price: Rs. 140/-

My Review:

‘Dinner Date‘ by Ishaan Lalit is an appealing read full of charm and magnetism and carries a young feeling breeze. The most striking element of the book is its cover page that is, nothing like any other book in same genre or based on similar plot (or theme). The lively colour and an all set dinner table with intriguing blurbs are just faultless ingredients for setting up the mood for a dinner date.

What more could anyone ask for? Without much ado – I was in!

Dinner Date‘ is an interesting narrative from Sam’s (the narrator) perspective with a dinner date ploy – with ‘Malika’. Although, she has come to a date with him but she is not much impressed (or say certain about…

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