Life is such a funny thing. When I was born, I thought …. was convinced that I inhabited the skies ……. At about age 6 I realised to my great disappointment that my address was “Earth” ( 3rd rock from the sun ). I found it a very humbling experience. Really not happening …. Ever since, I’ve been wanting to go back into infinity – like they say in Star Trek “Boldly go where no man has gone before ” I’ll get there, one way or another. My interests in astrology, meditation are closely linked with this. Am also interested in music,writing,  reading and friends (lots of them)


2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I am a keen observer of life, a parent and I also work (which means I have to earn otherwise I dont get to pay my bills). Well I am also an aspiring writer (fantasy is a preferred genre). I blog so that I can sound off my ideas without driving my family insane with all the ideas I come out with. I would love it if you leave a comment when you visit my blog. This is not a standard Mommy blog in the sense that my kids are grown up, one in college (weep ;( ) and another just married (sigh!!!) but they matter to me so they feature in my blog along with my two fur babies, a german shephard and a dacshund

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