Fantasy and Supernatural

There is a dearth of good Indian blogs on Fantasy …. and its slightly retarded, but immensely successful younger brother – the young adult fantasy, world wide.

But how does it translate in the Indian context?

Well, apart from Meluha by Amish Tripathy, I have not chanced upon a superhit book in the fantasy genre, which is Indian.

This is really a pity. This is the land of the Mahabharat, the Ramayan. The ancients had really vivid imagination.

Calling on all the writers out there …

We need an Indian Harry Potter

Or an Artemis Fowl

Or, a Percy Jackson, the lightning thief.


7 thoughts on “Fantasy and Supernatural

  1. I share your sentiments. I have been on one for the past two years. Sent it out there with no success. So, I am currently restructuring it. Let’s hope i get it right this time.

    Apart from YA fantasy, we really need to dig deep into adult fantasies too. I was completely blown off by Steven Erikson and Patrick Rothfuss. I have seen no Indian author write like that. There is crap selling out there(some self published) in the name of fantasy and it makes my heart reek in pain.

    • I am a long term lover/addict of fantasy … and am really hunting for good fanstasy. It does well, internationally. See the popularity of The Hunger Games, simply written and highly imaginative. Why not in the Indian context?

      • Exactly.. We have such a rich source in Ramayana and the Mahabharata. If Rick Riordan can be successful by adapting Greek myths, so can we. But i think publishers in India have certain inhibitions about publishing fantasy.
        And what is the argument about fantasy supposedly not being ‘great literature’? I’d say only one word: Tolkien.

      • Yes. Are you on Facebook? Can we connect? My next novel is a fantasy, adapted from mythology. It will be out in June-July. Popular Prakashan is bringing it out. I hope it does well …

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