My awards (Oscar-Time)

This award was given by IHM and it is very dear to my heart because as she put it

Ritu for Being a Single Mom along with each one of her other posts. She says she is not the kind of single mom who says, “Mere Karan Arjun zaroor ayenge“, she is the kind of single mum whose sons will warn, “Stop or my mum will shoot!”

1conoclast gave this to me for being a clown. Not kidding, this is for best original humor 2008

The 3 Moggies gave this to me!

The 3 Moggies gave this to me!

Thanks Poorna

Thanks Poorna

Thanks Itchy!

Thanks Itchy!

The very first award I had won was the Avant Garde Award for a socially relevant post.  I had written that post during the first year of becoming a mother in law – when I was battling against various perceptions.  Folk asked me snidely how my DIL was and I had no answer … I genuinely like her! Here is that award

Poonam must really love me since I won another the next year … this one for a funny poem I wrote about my missing waist that’s gone AWOL

Thanks Poonam!!!

6 thoughts on “My awards (Oscar-Time)

  1. Nice page and you have not added by Gold Card here 😦

    Not to mention the Resonance Award which I so proudly announced for your being ‘stop or my mom will shoot’ style mommy in the Blogacars 😦

    How remiss of me. Will do that soon, promise

  2. Hi Ritu, was just talking to Mridul and she told me about your blog. Its really wonderful and I am enjoying reading so far.
    I also write a little, not much to show as yet, but was wondering about publishers and so on.

    Do write back. It would be wonderful to be in touch


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