The Commercial Pilgrimage

A very popular pilgrimage is that to the  four abodes in Himalayas called Chota Char Dham (Chota meaning small):BadrinathKedarnathGangotri and Yamunotri – all of these lie at the foot hills of Himalayas.  It is considered to be a journey that the devout undertake for earning punya … a term I have no English equivalent for – perhaps good deeds?  But then many undertake it in the summers, to escape the heat and placate the Gods at the same time.  Killing two birds with one stone…

Everyone has a personal religious journey to undertake.

There was a time in life when I was overwhelmed with life itself and everyone and everything that was happening to me.  I did what people normally do, when confronted by impossible odds.  I turned to religion.  Since I live life and do everything with passion, when that did not work for me … I went whole hog; I turned to world religions, to occult, to spiritualism and to astrology.  I wanted answers to the question that plagued me, “Why me?”

I did not get the answer to my question, but I got much more.  I got a world view on how human beings made sense of their surroundings, of nature and environment through religion.

In my humble view, all religion stems from one basic fact; it teaches us how to live in harmony with our surroundings, with nature and with each other.  It is a set of rules to live life by.  Rules which, when flouted, have disastrous consequences.

“Stop turning my Father’s house into a marketplace!” [John 2:16]

 The Bible says that Jesus cleaned up the House of God by throwing out the merchants, the money traders and people who were plying their wares.

Matthew 21:12 Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.

The Koran has very strict rules on attire, behavior and conduct when one visits the mosques.

The Hindu religion, like every pagan religion has its root in nature worship.  We have myths woven around banyan trees, peepul trees, tulsi plants.  We consider our mountains holy.  We have huge temples and shrines built on rocks and hill tops.  Kailash Parbat is the abode of Shiva, the Himalayas are given a religious significance.  We, by rights, should be a very eco-friendly country should we not?

How did commerce get into it?

I went to JagannathTemple in Orissa once and was put off by the rampant commercialism.  I came back upset; there was no sense of piety there.  I visited Vaishno Devi twice and then turned away.  I get more happiness chanting and meditating in the confines of my bedroom sitting on my bed than I get when I go to these places.  But then each to his/her own.  My purpose here is not to upset any one else’s religious sentiment.

Religious tourism is a huge commercial force.  And hotels have been built to cater to pilgrims who can afford to be the religious tourist, afford the Char Dham Yatra.  The priests in the temples almost salivate as they take our donations, by hook or by crook.

Everyone is familiar with the images of the buildings being washed away in those awful floods.  Six floors to a building, or more, and built so close to Kedarnath, that one does not have to walk too far.  Pilgrimage in comfort.

Shiva in water

The images scared me and shocked me.  To me, they seem to be a scary version of our belief of washing our sins away by taking a dip in Ganga.

Are the Gods mocking us?

Are the divine forces sending us a warning?

Our ancients built these shrines with a purpose in mind.  The purpose was that spiritualism stands for harmony with nature.  They were situated far away in the lap of nature, where piety and peace would be found.

Nature is a stern taskmaster.  And a powerful one.  It is sending us a message … those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.  As a Devi worshipper I implore to all …

“Stop turning my Mother’s house into a marketplace!”



It’s so hard to love my India these days

When I was a little girl, my school was big on India love, we were taught to love our country and were full of national honour.  Us “girls in green” (our uniform was a peppy green with white polka dots number) were supposed to be chock full of national pride.  You know the spiel every convent school feeds you; Jesus loves girls who love their country …

Independence Day and Republic Day eves were celebrated with pomp and ceremony and we even got candy.

We were told stories of little boys and girls who had done patriotic deeds, not for India but for their own countries – from all around the world.  Dutch, French, British, American, Eskimo, whatever.  And I think our convent had a few movies in their stores that were aired at every such occasion.  We were shown those movies time and again.  If we were lucky, we got to see “Sounds of Music” for the 100th time, or a movie called Boot Polish.  But mostly it was Jagriti.  Sister Lydia, our chief tormentor was a patriotic Indian and she loved it and we were forced to overdose on it.  I think we, her captive audience, saw it 10 times a year, for at least ten years.  Yes, I still remember the song “Hum Laye Hain Toofan Se …” and “Aaj hai do October ka din”

Yeah yeah, Jesus loves little girls who love their country …

We had leaders to look up to, Mr. Nehru and his cabinet genuinely wanted to do things for the country.  In hindsight we may think that his policy of socialism was flawed – but he tried.  He was patriotic and wanted to do things for India

The shadow of Mr. M. K. Gandhi still loomed heavy on the national consciousness.  And that frail old man cast a huge shadow.  Papa told us that he was killed not by a villain but by another deeply patriotic person from another school of thought.  Papa loved to play devil’s advocate.  It was his thing, you know, to confuse us totally.  So he told us to remember when we heard propaganda trying to demonize his killer, Nathuram Godse, that Godse himself was not a traitor, just another lover of India who was from a different school of thought.

Dharamsankat … he would tell us.

These days we do not have Dharam – and that is the sankat!

Scams happen – it is matter of course.  We even rationalize corruption by calling it dhanda or oopar ki kamai, when it is not earning, it is downright thieving.

Little girls get raped and politicians blame this party or that, instead of hauling up our police for not doing their job, and the judiciary for not letting justice be delayed.

There is a leadership vacuum.


No one is responsible for anything …


Citizens take to the streets to protest, Police beats them up

Police protects leaders, not the taxpayers who pay its salary

Our soldiers get beheaded or mutilated – we beat our breasts

China comes in – Foreign Affairs Minister calls it “acne”

Sajjan Kumar scott free – Shrug and say – Law takes its own course.

Sarabjeet killed – Put on a sad face and say “Unfortunate.”

Anything more ?


Message from the universe

I got stuck in a traffic jam ….


My current mode of brainwashing self into not becoming a raving and ranting mass of emotions is to deflect the anger and irritation.


Yes yes, witness the halo on my head … what?  You haven’t seen it … look harder  😛

I am a saint, I am the religious and life style guru and my name is Ma Rithambra Devi!  😉  Just kidding!

The way I deflected the anger was to look around and say, “Wow!  Look at all the car loans out there – at least the banks are happy!”

And then I saw this man … He was laying out all the multi coloured lottery tickets on a small bench in front of a shop.  While I was staring at him, he switched on a cassette recorder.  For all you tech savvy newbies out there – there were cassette recorders before your cds and mem cards came into being.

Yes, to get to office I have to go past the old and traditional areas of the town.

I lowered my car window out of curiosity and switched off the FM

He had his sales spiel recorded on the cassette player

It was priceless


I am translating it here … as best as I remember it


Brothers and Sisters, ladies and gentlemen

Have you ever given your luck a chance?  It is said that when God bestows his bounty on a man, the bounty can shower down, breaking the thatched roof.  These days every one lives in cemented houses.  So what does God do?  Does he give up?  No!  He showers the bounty on you by breaking through your doors and windows.

When God does not give up, why should you?

Come one, come all!  Have faith!   Give luck a chance

Buy a ticket!



Inspiration sure does come my way from unlikely quarters …

Lessons of Life

Every one has a formula to live life by … a formula that one alters as one gains experience.  I have tended to jump into things first – learn the lessons later.  Some gyaan that my nature (which I never want to change) has taught me.

1. Talk to yourself.  It is healthy and even if you argue with yourself, you can’t make an enemy.  Say rude things, use the four letter word you always wanted to – to yourself.  You wont get slapped and you cant take offense to it. Besides, you are your own life long companion.

2. Day dream, always.  Its fun, its the mental equivalent of masturbation and its tax free.  Sometimes you may even gain deep wisdom and insights.

3. Religion is not something you are born into.  Religion has to be found, grown out of your own sense of God.  Every one can and should follow their own brand of religion.

4. If you don’t feel a particular religion working for you, change it by all means.  We change clothes, we change and evolve.  Why should our religion be just what people believed in centuries ago?

5. Don’t drink a Pepsi after eating kurkure.  It tastes awful.

6. Every one is mad.  The trick is to discover how to make your particular brand of madness work for you.  If you do, you have it made

7. If you fall in the ditch, look up at the stars.  It sure as hell soothes you down and makes you feel less of an ass.  It may make you feel like getting up and trying again.

8. You are not defeated until you give up.  You’re in the game as long as you keep trying.

9. When in doubt talk to a child.  Kids may not know complex things, but they intuitively know all that matters.

10. You are always in shit.  If two parts of your life are working beautifully, at another level something will always be in deep shit. So stop fretting and concentrate on what works.

11. In continuation to point 10 : “The good old days” is part fiction and part very-bad-memory.  They never happened so concentrate on the present, will ya?

12. When things get tough, there is always booze and music.  And if you have money in the pocket, there is always take out.  It cheers and makes things better.

13. Happiness is not a gift, it is a way of life.  It is a choice.

14. When you feel dead or depressed, do something crazy.  Kiss someone inappropriate, max your credit card, drive on the wrong side of the road. Okay, may be not the last option.  But it sure as hell makes you feel alive.

15. If you fuck up, don’t worry.  We are all here on temporary visa anyway.  Besides mistakes are the best way to learn.

16. Stand on your head and look around you.  Your favorite couch or that dresser looks new from that angle.  For the less agile, look at everything from a different view point.  Makes everything fresh.

17. Nothing matters apart from here and now.  When you are dead, its all finished any way.  Nothing existed before you were born.  So stop being so serious.

18. Boobs are an asset, so is a smile.  Use them … always

19. A kind word does not cost anything.  So don’t minge on compliments.

20. Breathe consciously – at least once a day, or if you can, meditate.

Hey, if you dont agree, learn your own lessons will ya? In any case its all bull shit.

Say a little prayer

Ever heard the song “Say a little prayer”? Its one of my favorites. Mostly because it is something I identify with completely. My relationship with the Higher Being, Godji, the Divine is just as simple as that – the force is with me, for me and my buddy, my support. This belief makes things so simple, so whenever I am low, wounded, bruised or hurt, all I have to do is “say a little prayer” and I know that I am not alone. I will get the support, see the way out. Its better than having to visit the temple, it is better than having a buddy on speed dial, it is even better than punching pillows and slamming doors. The temple bells don’t have such a soothing effect, the chanting of mantras does not help me as much as just whispering, “Please Godji …..”

I was just walking up and down the corridor, tense – no I was actually in a foul temper; I had messed up something pretty bad, and knew the boss would haul me over burning coal … i.e. after I was done kicking myself. Yeah, I am a great one for punishing myself 😦

And I was murmuring to myself “Please Godji, help me control damage”

A person tapped me on the shoulder and proceeded to read my a huge lecture on how I could not pray with shoes on and facing south … it may be rahu kalam, had I checked?

I turned, shrugged and walked off. If I had stopped, the argument would have been huge and bitter, I am not one who likes my personal space intruded upon. And I have issues with know-it-alls.

But once I was calmer, crisis sorted out, I started reflecting …

Anyone who has a “prayer habit” must have pondered on this, “What is the difference between personal prayer and ritual prayer? Why the difference?”

In ritual prayer, we pray at fixed times, in prescribed manner from fixed texts, most of them unchanged over the centuries. Day after day, so many of us mumble the same set stanzas, lips moving, minds uninvolved ….

How can we reconcile that with the intensely personal character of prayer?

Should not prayer be simple, just me talking to whoever I think is my God? Should I not have my own personal equation with the divine?

Traditionalists argue with this belief. They have been brought up with rituals, the ritualistic repetition of mantras/stanzas/prayers in language not understood/chants are soothing to them.

To me, it seems mindless (when I am feeling charitable) and when I am not, it seems like one is pestering or badgering the divine.

To me, the personal prayer is far more valuable, and it cheers me up, so it is therapeutic.

What do you think?

Answer to IHM’s question

How would you answer the question

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is perversion. Is a woman forever stuck between her desires and the moral healthiness or progress of a society?

I got this question in my mail from the one and only IHM. She has the knack of pushing all the combative buttons in my feminist psyche.

Deep deep breath, as I remind myself, I am not a feminist, I like men and love my two sons to bits.

See, this is the inherent problem here. If you protest against injustice and the skewed gender equality you are labeled a feminist/a lesbian/a dyke, a man hater and what not. If you don’t, you end up harming your own sense of self respect.

So what does one do?

Does one pick up a board like Shah Rukh Khan and march to meet the President and announce “I am a woman and I am not a terrorist erm feminist!”, eh?

And sadly our President is a woman ….

and young girls get shot by stalkers in broad daylight

6 year olds get raped and beaten up

The Delhi Chief Minister (again a woman) thinks citizens should police the capital while police men sit in the thanas and draw their salaries without doing anything. Shucks! O tempora, O mores ….

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I completely agree.

Perversion is in the mind of sick people, not in the eye.

A woman is a human being, first and foremost and she has the right to have desires and to fulfil them. Even if the desire is for a pair of stilettos, or a drink with friends in a pub. And yes, I long for the day when a woman can kiss her lover in public and not be labeled a slut. These are simple human desires. Not unnatural or kinky. They don’t harm any one.

Sadly the truth is that women do not even have the right to enjoy a portion of the money they earn and bring to the family coffer. If they do, they are made to feel guilty. I have seen homes where a woman who takes a nap in the afternoon or sleeps before the family goes to bed is labeled lazy. That is after she has catered to the family the whole damn day apart from working in an office.

A woman is not a piece of toilet paper to be employed to clean up shit. Neither is she single-handedly responsible for the moral healthiness of the society. She is responsible equally as a man.

Why does she have to be held responsible alone?

And does her wearing jeans, smoking and drinking, even wearing a sleeveless top or showing her cleavage harm any one? Is she shooting people? Raping people?

Women do not hold up the progress of the society any more than a man does. She alone can not make the society progress either.

Why do we put such burdens on one sex and leave the other to walk free?

Now a question from me …

Are we implicitly admitting that MAN is the WEAKER sex? Is that why women are to bear the burden of keeping society healthy, making it progress?

O C’mon men are strong, they are responsible. The men I have had the privilege to meet, interact with, love and nurture are good human beings. They are caring, they help out and they fulfill their part of the gender equation.

I think if our society has sickos like the stalker who is much in news these days, the society should treat the person like an aberration and not do men and women a disservice by stating directly or indirectly that women should be responsible for all that is good in the society and reduce ALL men to being the dregs of the society.

P.S. This is my blog, my personal property. People who are trying to muzzle blogs and citizen voice can go take a hike. Any one who can operate a computer and go on the net exercises his/her freedom to read and visit any blog. If I hurt anyone’s sensibility, the person can chose not to visit my blog. Of course I annoy people, I even disparage things I don’t like, my attitude may inconvenience people, they may accuse me of blaspheming against prevalent social norms. Grow up Government, every one does all the above from time to time. it is the human condition.

And We are Born Cynics

We are waiting for disaster to happen ….

All of us are buying milk and provisions, scolding wayward kids who have gone out to see a movie on this damn day (Yep all my brood is watching a movie in Delhi!)

Some of us are panicking and wanting to hang a cross on their door to buy some safety.

Not a bad idea I must say ….. since all Gods are the same and all religion leads to God ( so I devoutly hope).  Its another matter that these days it just seems to be an excuse to kill, burn and miam!

I hope and pray I am proved wrong and things remain peaceful.

A very typical FB thread

Ritu Lalit

Ritu Lalit Way to go! Spoils divided amongst all three! Khel khatam! Na tum jeetey na hum haare

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    • Monika Manchanda and isliye hum sab ladenge… now see the tamasha tmrw

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    • Ritu Lalit Hope not! But ab yehi hoga, my mandir construction vs your masjid construction

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    • Jaishree Venkat hehehe,, who builts faster, better higher??

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    • Ritu Lalit Yeah, and the circus starts once more

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    • Ritu Lalit They should have made a forest in the disputed land – go green and show thenga to all power bases

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    • Jaishree Venkat entertainment ke liye kuch bi karenge 😛

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    • Sourav C. Pandey People : “Thank God, it should be peaceful now!”
      Media : “Hell! We won’t let it be!”

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12 Commandments by Phoenixritu Blogger Almighty

First of all I would like to thank BPL for recognizing the divine in me.  Don’t knock it folk, if BPL thinks I am God, I am, okay.  I heard you snigger, yeah you over there!  Stop it or I’ll ensure that you are a donkey for the next 9 lives.  Now where was I?

Yeah I was on that long list of thank yous made so fashionable by the Bollywood and Hollywood actors in their award acceptance speeches.  Any way since I am God, I think I can do away with all that.  Besides Zeus defeated his sire Cronos to ascend the throne and Cronos could not even tell him to behave since he did the same to Uranus.  He actually went a step further, he imprisoned his vanquished siblings, the Titans too.  Thanking one’s friends and family is passe for the divine I guess.

You may think I’ll make a hash of this God-responsibility, much like Jim Carrey, but no I don’t intend to.  Though I would love to meet with a God like Morgan Freeman – he was awesome as God in Bruce Almighty, but BPL I cast no aspersions on you, you are making me divine, right?

So as Blogger Almighty, what are my 12 Commandments?  Hmmm.  The first thing that comes to mind is to end war, poverty and have world peace.  But then I am not a Miss World aspirant, and while it may win votes with judges in a pageant, what does it mean to us bloggers?  Besides, lets get real … it ain’t gonna happen.  So regretfully I discard those as my first three commandments.  Here are 12 Commandments that will hopefully make our world a better place and help us become more successful and happy.

As Blogger Almighty I would first like to sort out things in the blogosphere, so, my first commandment would be to do away with word verification in the comment section.  Honestly, we’re all bloggers and we all love our comments, our fragile egos get such a boost from the number of comments in our comment section.  Word verification discourages people from commenting.  Every one has moderation on, so why add word verification?  If it is spam, one can simply delete it, with no one getting wiser.  I think all of us will agree with this point.  So there we have it

Another dangerous horrifying disease that I would love to cure is “The Writers Block”.  If I am Blogger Almighty, I can do at least this much for my fellow writers.  Every one is familiar with this disease; it has struck us all relentlessly and without any discrimination.  We are reduced to playing naughts and crosses on backs of envelopes or staring at the computer screen while pressing the space bar or clicking the mouse intermittently so that we do not have to stare at the screen saver.  The only known cure for “The Writers Block” known is to keep writing, so why not do tags when you lack inspiration?  So it follows :

Spam, no – not the edible one, but the one that afflict our blogs and in-boxes every day bothers me.  As Blogger Almighty I would like to abolish spammers, but much like other merciful Divine Entities allowed mosquitoes and flies to exist, I acknowledge that spammers too have a right to live.  So I shall implore to blogger-kind to invent something better than Akismet and call it HITSPAM or SPAMMORTEIN to destroy spam.  Spammers can fall to my feet and I shall sentence them to behavioral therapy and community service.

I have a special place in hell for virus.  I had the most awesome blog design that the virus ate up.  Virus and their entire ilk (trojans+malware+adware) deserve special place in hell.  No, I take that back.  In hell they may just go forth and multiply.  Remember the problem Smith created in Matrix?  I don’t want that to happen on Le Internet.  So we come to Commandment No. 4

Copycats beware, I, Ritu the Blogger Almighty have something special in store for you.  Plagiarism is for the feeble minded.  I agree that our education system being what it is, all of us have been trained to mug and reproduce answers by rote.  But dudes, this is the real world and we are not cardboard cut-outs.  We can be original here and no one will fail us.

Now that I have my main grouses in blogosphere sorted out, let me attend to the workplace.  I will not give reasons for most of the commandments I dish out here – but trust me I know.  I am at Senior Management Level and bullshitting the bosses is as important – nah! more important than just plain old fashioned work.  So please accept these commandments as tried and tested ones.  All of them focus on your looking busy and important!

Ritu The Blogger Almighty offers yet another nugget of wisdom so that you look busy and bosses feel that you are earning your keep

Honestly clean desks are for bosses.  Us minions need to have paper and files strewn on our desks so that the bosses don’t route more paper our way.

Appearance is crucial.  Always look impatient and annoyed, interrupt someone lower than you in hierarchy, sigh deeply (you may practice this at home or in the wash room).  Ensure that you walk around with a sheaf of papers and a furrowed brow.  These give non-verbal signals that you are genuinely worried about the well being of the company and by inference, your boss’s financial well being.

Now that I have given you important tips on how to amass great power, status and hopefully a raise at the workplace, let me pay attention to your everyday life.  I am sure you all must have heard the Bobby McFaren song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, I recommend it as a mandatory lullaby.  But following this course of action does not come easily.  I have reserved a few commandments specifically to de-stress you.

Once you have the past and future out of the equation, things automatically get simple.  To further simplify stuff follow the next commandment

The above is also for those well meaning busybodies and bleeding heart types who can’t keep their noses out of other folks business.  Of course if they still persist I will send more problems their way.  I am a cooperative divine entity 😛

Ever looked around and wondered about certain things?  We put man on the moon, we got internet, we invented stuff that makes life simpler and we still go about with the original mysteries of life unsolved and hotly debated!  Never mind, I’ll solve a couple of them for you since I am in a mellow and generous mood

Actually I have to confess that every time I redesign the world – I flip a coin and change the order…………… it relieves the tedium of the eternal beings heh!

The second most hotly debated mysteries of the world, Is God Male or Female? Oh I love sharing with you the secret of this one! 😉

The truth is that we are partners, me and the male God, but he is watching the Divine Universal Tournament with endless snacks and beer for the last thirty centuries.  I TOOK OVER!

If you like my 12 commandments you may please donate some money to my paypal account!

Celestial Blessings

Ritu the Almighty Blogger

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Ritu Lalit
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You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Every once in a while, either me or some other female that I know mourns the fact that we are ill treated. I dont know about other females, but I am absolutely sure that I would not want me to be a man. I mean, in this day and age, being a woman is something that is so wonderful. I can live the life I choose, marry – unmarry …. but I am so free. Plus I get a huge kick from the fact that I can earn my keep, drive, pursue a hobby and give birth to kids. That makes me feel strong and superior.

But to women who still doubt the fact that we truly have improved a lot I offer these ads ….

These ads are not too old – they are just ads from the 50s and 60s, but we have evolved. If any ad agency created these today, it would be out of business! We women are the biggest shoppers, and we drive market trends. We would boycott the product and the agency too.

Now are we doormats or prey to be hunted?

A doormat or a prey to be hunted?

Everything in this ad screams paedophilia

Talking about kinky, here is another

and another

It seems that men thought that they were masters whereas their spouses were slaves … or perhaps men and women thought that way

I dont think I would buy that darn Kenwood Chef ever! And I love to cook!! Think of the ladies who dont like to cook, they would boo it out of the market!! On this point, I hate the Prestige ad too – Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar …. my way of thinking says, darn, if he loves his wife, why doesnt he pitch in with making dinner twice a week at least?

See how popular perceptions have changed through time? We have come a long way baby! We arent where we want us to be but we are getting there!

Talking about ads in the 50’s and 60’s, here are a few that are so idiotic that one can only shake one’s head and wonder

The world has truly changed. Thank God its 2010, not 1960!

Sex and Spirituality

Celibacy seems to the fundamental requirement of anyone aspiring to be a Godman or a GodMata. This is such an impossible requirement – perhaps its been put there so that the person who attains it actually becomes a saint?

With the recent scandals being widely reported in the newspaper, I once again started reading up on the subject. I read up a lot about it in my teens and tweens. I once, in my teens actually walked into an ashram and disturbed two holy ladies of a rather strict spiritual sect indulging in lesbian sex. Dont ask!!! And no – it did not scar me for life. I thought that they were human too and found this entirely natural. We are sexual beings and I do not think that God would damn us for indulging in sex. If he/she hated it so much, we would not have been sexual beings any way. Two young women (barely 20 or so) , on the spiritual path with no male company (forbidden) sought some solace with each other … it did not diminish them in my eye. I found it sad and poignant.

“Continence, My child, is the sacrifice asked by the Father. You cannot divide yourselves; there must be a full dedication to the will of God.” – Our Lady, March 24, 1974

Oh really? I have always thought otherwise. If you trap or control anything natural – it lashes out and breaks through with redoubled ferocity. In this case … sexual forces, which when naturally released, bring forth life, de-stress us and bring us closer to the loved one … becomes perverted. It is much like water which stays fresh and healthy only when it flows. If it is in a stagnant pool, it rots and the stink is intolerable to bear.

This is what child abusers in the garb of priesthood have shown us. This is what we learn from Nithyanand Swami’s infamous and sleazy agreement

“Volunteer understands that these activities (tantra sex) could be physically and mentally challenging, and may involve nudity, access to visual images, graphic visual depictions, and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity, close physical proximity and intimacy, verbal and written descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually oriented, and erotic nature, etc.

… and it was mandatory for his devotees to sign this. And many of them must have signed it too. This is not sex in its natural form – it is perversion.

Animals are a guide here. Animals do not watch or read porn. They do not go rape little animals – and will not do stuff like torture other animals for sexual pleasure. In fact they would not hunt or have sex for sport. When the time is right – they do it and get on with life.

I have also come upon stupid misconceptions like “Seminal Loss takes away energy from the body”. This was told to me by a very educated person with all seriousness. Wrong thing to say to me. I am prepared to argue about it – and have read a whole lot of research material that disproves it. Needless to say – the gentleman and me are not on talking terms anymore. I really shattered his illusions. For his sake I hope he grew up somewhat ….

After the death of my brother, I took to meditation. In fact meditation is one thing that kept me going when everything in my life turned topsy turvy. I found that going deep into meditation made you really get intense sexual dreams. This is the bald truth. In fact for most people on the path to spirituality have discovered it. Do click the link and read before sending me hate mails and trolling my blog please.

These days we are bombarded with titillating sexual images and messages – the TV, ads, songs … and the audio visual stimuli can overload the senses of anyone – more so the person who is trying to overcome it.

I really think that celibacy, like other misconceptions like “The Earth is flat or we would have fallen off” and “The Sun rotates round the Earth” etc etc should be thrown into the dustbin.