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me_edited.jpgI am a keen observer of life, a parent and I also work (which means I have to earn otherwise I dont get to pay my bills). Well I am also an aspiring writer (fantasy is a preferred genre). I blog so that I can sound off my ideas without driving my family insane with all the ideas I come out with. I would love it if you leave a comment when you visit my blog.


80 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Found myself chuckling and my doggie got worried by the strange noises i was making in front of my laptop..but, seriously completely relate to the stuff about growing up/grown up boys, having been there and done that πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Ritu!
    Awesome stuff!….Every time I need a breather, I come and refresh myself here! Have been trying to think of some extraordinary words of praise , but always fall short!…..So all I shall say is that its SUPER, keep it up!!!

    Rashmi I am honoured

  3. Hey Ritu, I had great fun reading your entire blog today – loved your bindaas attitude!

    Planning to blogroll you if that’s okay with you.

    I am honoured

  4. Am laughing out really loud after reading ur wrestling exp! Ur blog is so neat and simple and hilarious!! I would love to get your level… I mean in the family πŸ™‚

    Thanks Aparna

  5. Since you Live here Mostly, I like your Home…
    This is an awesome chunk of a blog.
    I wonder if I am allowed to share some bits on my bog with due credits to you….
    [he he] I know you have a ‘Copyscape protection’


    I guess I shall post a RSS to your Blog on mine, so that I can read your blog….on mine



    Honoured Jeasbe πŸ™‚

  6. hey Ritz
    thank you for finding me a space to express myself ..you have been an inspiration and you know I look up to you :).
    love your writings learn a lot from them ..keep sharing the wonderful stuff ..love you
    best of luck for everything close to your heart .

  7. You are an amazing writer Ritu.You say it as you see it. I love your irreverent style and one day you should put it all together and publish it as a novel…I know I would buy it.

    I guess I will some day ….

  8. Hi Ritu,

    Thumbs up to you what a great, neat and organised blog you have. You are also a kind hearted and open minded person going by your lavish praises of my humble blog.

    Great going girl. Keep it up.



    Visit my blog today: Occult, Paranormal, Ghosts, Fantasy, Philosphy and Current Affairs Home page

    Hi Vickram, do visit me at my new address http://www.phoenixritu.com/

  9. I had visited earlier for scrutiny team work. Have you done a makeover of your blog recently? Its lovely! Subscribed to its feed.

    Yes, I got my own domain and shifted here. Thank you for the compliment.

  10. Hi,

    Looking to contact you for a writing assignment we discussed sometime back. My number is 9820 666 557. Hoping to hear from you.

    Ketan Dand

    Yeah sure, ringing you up

  11. Just wondering about a few things on your site and wanted to know how you got them. The one at the top with the spinning topic??? and site visitors tab?? Would appreciate any help.
    On a personal note, read quite a bit of your articles and you are quite funny, informative, and have a very attractive website. Would love to have your opinion of our web site as we need could use a helpful eye to make it better, and more of what people want.

    I am an end user, not a blog designer. My blog makeover was done by Mahjabeen Umar http://www.mahjabeenumar.com/blogdesign/
    Do get in touch with her

  12. Great site as well as postings and as one aspiring writer to another, the question of not writing should never be ask of us, it is a passion deep within our souls. Will follow your site closely. Good luck.

    Thank you A.J.! From one aspiring writer to another – May we never run out of words!!

  13. HI! Ritu
    Congrats on bagging Avant Garde’s best social issue post ! πŸ™‚
    I’d like to introduce you to a word of mouth add on called Tell-a-Friend with which visitor like me can easily share your posts with friends through emails, IMs, blogs, bookmarks, facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. You can get hold of the widget from http://www.socialtwist.com once registered.
    PS. Careful with the site type you choose : )


  14. I came here somehow….but just wanted to tell Awesome blog design!! added u on my reader! will soon come back to read more

    Thank you Sahaja, I am off visiting yours

  15. Came here thru the reader……cute design and will definitely come back to read more…..i love blogging and reading what other’s write! Good job!

    Thanks Annie – am reading yours right now

  16. so kind of you to visit and comment on my tanka.
    I looked at several mags and then a few “how to” articles and then set my hand free.

    Your focus should be on what you know and live like you’ve been doing. Being a big reader will make you a more successful writer.

  17. I made it to your blog from Mumbaibloggers list and also Indyeah who mentioned that you were shortlisted there… and i am there too. I like your blogposts and you can be assured of a vote from me!

    Thanks Gopinath

  18. Me and you share the same name and that intrigued me to take a look at your blog…and man I am hooked. eye-catching layout, interesting post! Great Job!


    From one Ritu to another, hi namesake! Ritus rock

  19. Hey there, arrived here from the comment you left on my blog and I agree with those who have commented before me. A charming blog and a nice refreshing writing style. Hope to come back here!

    Thank you Nita, found you at Friendsfeed Bloggers Room. You have a nice blog too

  20. hi Ritu,

    Thank you for your encouraging words and I have found another gem of a blog to follow…I love blogs that have observers who trip about multiple things πŸ˜‰

    Keep writing…

    Thanks Harsha, I like your blog too

  21. I stumbled on your blog via devaki’s. You write very well. You also sound a such a young and vibrant person that until you mentioned DIL I did not suspect that you were not in your twenties….
    I would like to add you to my blog roll. Hope that is ok?

    Of course it is. Thanks for thinking I am young …. that just happens because my sons think they are my parent LOL. Thanks for your appreciation

  22. I am a recent addict to blogging-and your blog is like a testament! May I add your blog to the list of blogs I follow?

    It would be great if you could visit my blog and leave me some pointers.

    Hey hypermom! I am glad you like my blog. Am visiting your blog now

  23. Hello, need an email address to get in touch with you. Mine is on my blogger profile. I promise I will not give it to bin laden πŸ˜€

  24. Hello,

    This is Antara from California.

    I am really impressed with your blogs & your writing style. Enjoyed reading some of your posts.

    I run an E magazine “B’Khush”.It’ll be our absolute pleasure, if you kindly agree to share some of your write ups with our readers πŸ™‚

    If you could give me your email id, we can talk in detail…

    looking forward to hearing from you.


    * My emaild id and the url of B’Khush is on the “leave a reply form”

  25. Hi,
    love the way you write..planning to read all your posts. enjoyed reading your kids roka and marriage, you look like a dream mil. Tussi great ho ji will keep in touch thru your blog:)

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  27. some of your posts have been such eye openers ( I’ve mailed the post about dealing with unsupportive mothers to my mom- she has been feeling like an unwanted daughter for ages now, and more importantly, it is a check list that I don’t turn out to be an NPD myself) .

    Enjoying to the hilt going through your archives…

  28. Hi I found your blog very interesting.I am a debut author. My fiction Delayed Monsoon got published towards the end of January 2011. Its a woman oriented fiction.
    Delayed Monsoon is the story of Abhilasha and any lady can find an Abhilasha in herself, atleast in her deep self, feel the suppression and the pain of loosing the dreams and traits… the pain of a woman on relations… the infidelity in current social scenario… finding the soul satisfying love at the fag end of her life. Drawn in the contemporary context, the fiction makes a touching story. I was wondering if it can be featured in your blog.

  29. You are able to jot down true shades of humanΒ 
    temperament without being fabricated them, well I am a young writer and i can well understand the feelings… You can go through my blogΒ 

  30. i have a story… my story! i need help… pls mail me bak.. i want sum 1 to write it up.. its reely tragic.. love story!! pls help me.. mail me bak..

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