A Bowlful of Butterflies

The publisher mailed me the cover as a pdf file. It is a rich cover with a lot of fire colours that set off the back blurb in relief … but converting it into jpeg took away the richness and the white script just faded. 😦

Just writing down the back blurb for easy reading

This is the heartwarming story of an inseperable threesome, Chandni, Amrit and Soma. The girls are an exciting bunch but have a rather uneventful life in the sleepy town of Majhi Nagar. They are completely focused on their impending Class XII boards, until Chandni’s handsome cousin Jogi comes to live with her family. His presence brings to the surface many hidden truths that the girls must deal with like Chandni’s attraction for her cousin, her jealousy when her best friend and cousin fall in love, and the fact that her eldest brother is gay.

The story spans a period of four months, in which Chandni and her family deal with many complex modern day relationship issues. A Bowlful of Butterflies deals with serious issues but is written in a light hearted vein. It is an engrossing tale dealing with the transition of Chandni and her friends from school girls to womanhood.

25 thoughts on “A Bowlful of Butterflies

  1. congratulations!!! looking forward to reading it.
    I am eager to read it, more so because the blurb says subject is presented in a lighter vein. that must make it a very enjoyable read.

  2. That you blog as well as you do, and with meaningful, free-flowing thoughts at that, I am certain your debut novel, ‘A Bowlful of Butterflies’ will be well-received too. I am just waiting for the day it gets published and hits the stands 🙂 Yes, I did read the synopsis – quite loved it 🙂 By the way, I have book-marked your URL, not that it has been ingrained into whatever cerebral space available with me 😛 😛

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