Book Trailer

Please people, I need feedback.  I made this video myself



4 thoughts on “Book Trailer

  1. I don’t see any literary merit in chetan bhagat except that he was able to provide some quirky situations,an abiding plot line and a bellyful of humour.
    to say the least at this point as a reader,i expect a lot of melodrama from this book.The language would funnily build up the situations and the denouement would be something that would have a feelgood factor about it.The central character would be like one among us and some swear words would surely jazz up the reading…

  2. I like your Video.
    More importantly, I agree with your comments concerning Masculine fear.
    I am a Jungian and friends with James Hillman, a noted Jungian author. I think youwouls enjoy his work “The Souls Code”.
    I am currently working on military Sexual trauma of U.S. military forces, and in searching, found your site.
    Most interesting concept, the same that I am pursuing in my works. I would be interested in hearing more about your views of fear of the Feminine. I the U.S. society. the monotheistic religious extremists are the most vocal, and I suspect the most fearful of the power of the feminine.
    congratulations on your book. I hope it does well in sales and recognition,
    I have a Facebook site if you are interested.
    Again congratulations:-)

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